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All selections are Laying to risk 1 unit.

Current ROI: 3.29%

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Morphettville | Race 3 | #2 Grinzinger Express

Last start winner however meets a much tougher field today. Looking to others.

 LAY (WIN) – Grinzinger Express

Morphettville | Race 4 | #3 Marina

Needs a soft lead to be winning this. I think that might bring him undone today. Risking

 LAY (WIN) – Marina

Morphettville | Race 6 | #4 Nipperkin

Likes a hot speed so she can rattle home. Not sure she finds that today.

 LAY (WIN) – Nipperkin

Morphettville | Race 8 | #11 Miss Labelle

Speed will be frantic up front in these and will favour a the swoopers. Happy to take her on.

 LAY (WIN) – Miss Labelle

Strathalbyn | Race 5 | #1 Ready Sunshine

9yo and hasn’t won in years. His best his more than capable but happy to risk at the price on offer today.

 LAY (WIN) – Ready Sunshine

Strathalbyn | Race 5 | #9 Spirited March

Rarely wins and form only moderate. I feel a couple of these have his measure.

 LAY (WIN) – Spirited March

Strathalbyn | Race 6 | #3 Hakerak

Solid winner last start in easier grade. This looks harder today and from the draw, I’m inclined to risk.

 LAY (WIN) – Hakerak

Strathalbyn | Race 9 | #7 Exalted Dee

Form has only been fair and drops in trip today and meeting a couple that perform well here. I’m taking it on.

 LAY (WIN) – Exalted Dee

Morphettville | Race 2 | #8 Lady Bethany

First up and form last preparation was good over longer than today’s trip. Looking to others

 LAY (WIN) – Lady Bethany

Morphettville | Race 3 | #1 Dr Dependable

Every chance I thought last start and was no match for the favourite. This is not any easier

 LAY (WIN) – Dr Dependable

Morphettville | Race 4 | #4 Winning Partner

Winning Partner – First up and gets back from a tricky gate. Talented but I have a few ahead of him today.

 LAY (WIN) – Winning Partner

Morphettville | Race 5 | #2 Brown Ben

Got the favours last start for mine in the Balaklava Cup. Looks to be well found and happy to risk today.

 LAY (WIN) – Brown Ben

Gawler | Race 1 | #6 Zaaladd

Been racing just fairly and struggles to win out of turn. I think a couple of these have his measure.

 LAY (WIN) – Zaaladd

Gawler | Race 2 | #1 Manilow

Career to date has been plain and better efforts have been over longer. Looking to others.

 LAY (WIN) – Manilow

Gawler | Race 3 | #7 Liverpool Lane

Seems to short on the three runs to date. Will need to improve sharply to be winning.

 LAY (WIN) – Liverpool Lane

Gawler | Race 6 | #7 Ambishop

Last start winner, however, freshened and dropping back in distance, I feel a couple of these might have her measure.

 LAY (WIN) – Ambishop

Morphettville | Race 2 | #3 Exalted Craftsman

Racing ok for something easier than this. Last start was only fair in easier grade. Risking

 LAY (WIN) – Exalted Craftsman

Morphettville | Race 3 | #2 Aagas

Last start winner meeting some in form stayers today who I think have his measure

 LAY (WIN) – Aagas

Morphettville | Race 4 | #7 Conconi

Gets back from a wide draw in a race which has little speed on paper. Happy to be taking on at the current price

 LAY (WIN) – Conconi

Morphettville | Race 8 | #7 Two Odd Sox

Consistent animal however meeting a couple of smart sprinters here. More of a place chance

 LAY (WIN) – Two Odd Sox

Balaklava | Race 1 | #8 Jive Baby

Two career starts have only been fair for mine and others make more appeal today.

 LAY (WIN) – Jive Baby

Balaklava | Race 2 | #5 New Testament

Six career starts and has failed to place. Looking to others and happy to risk today.

 LAY (WIN) – New Testament

Balaklava | Race 4 | #8 Wonder If

Current form only average and one career win from twelve. Looks tested today.

 LAY (WIN) – Wonder If

Balaklava | Race 7 | #4 Arrow Lane

Was ok on Saturday on pace. Drop back in distance and strong speed in the race has me worried. Happy to take on.

 LAY (WIN) – Arrow Lane

Balaklava | Race 8 | #10 Dexter You Devil

Good winner last start, however, this is a lot harder. Would prefer in something easier. Risking.

 LAY (WIN) – Dexter You Devil

Balaklava | Race 9 | #9 Leonarda

All three career wins have been at Pt Augusta. Form around those wins only moderate. Taking on today.

 LAY (WIN) – Leonarda

Murray Bridge | Race 1 | #5 Le Dupe

Ok last start however I feel the favourite has his measure. Happy to take on at the price.

 LAY (WIN) – Le Dupe

Murray Bridge | Race 4 | #12 Undesire

Every chance last start and it’s not any easier here. Happy to risk at the price.

 LAY (WIN) – Undesire

Morphettville | Race 5 | #3 Akamon

Not flash last start and meets a couple of runners on the improve. Think it’s short enough at the current quote.

 LAY (WIN) – Akamon

Morphettville | Race 6 | #3 Bayou

Got the dream run last start to score narrowly. Meets another very competitive race today. Risking at the price.

 LAY (WIN) – Bayou

Morphettville | Race 7 | #3 Arrow Lane

Racing in good spirit this preparation. Feel he needs a soft lead to take this out and not sure he will get it today. Taking it on.

 LAY (WIN) – Arrow Lane

Morphettville | Race 8 | #7 Bolt I Am

Form good however gets back from an inside gate and record at this trip not great. Taking on today.

 LAY (WIN) – Bolt I Am

Gawler | Race 1 | #7 Wicked Weekend

Two career runs only been fair for mine. I feel the more favoured runners have her measure.

 LAY (WIN) – Wicked Weekend

Gawler | Race 2 | #1 Diamonds Are

Sounds last start when longer in the market. Big weight today and gets back in the run. Currently unders.

 LAY (WIN) – Diamonds Are

Gawler | Race 5 | #5 Cibachrome

Ok last start behind Enough Swagger, however, a lot of speed drawn outside and won’t get an easy time up front. Happy to risk.

 LAY (WIN) – Cibachrome

Gawler | Race 6 | #5 Double Pockets

9yo who rarely wins. Gets back from the wide draw again today. Will be running on however happy to risk.

 LAY (WIN) – Double Pockets

Gawler | Race 7 | #7 John The Rodent

Only a winner of 1 from 17. Needs a race a bit easier than this to be on the finish. Looking to others.

 LAY (WIN) – Jocks Glen

Port Augusta | Race 1 | #4 Irish Mambo

Only fair last start in weaker grade. I think the favoured runners have his measure.

 LAY (WIN) – Irish Mambo

Port Augusta | Race 3 | #2 Lucernefield

Career runs to date have been very plain. Will need to improve to take this out.

 LAY (WIN) – Lucernefield

Port Augusta | Race 6 | #4 Jocks Glen

Been quite a few years since tasting success and a risk on this surface. Happy to oppose today.

 LAY (WIN) – Jocks Glen

Morphettville Parks | Race 3 | #6 Pat The Weapon

Even race however, second up record not flash and raced better last preparation over further. Not for me today.

 LAY (WIN) – Pat The Weapon

Morphettville Parks | Race 6 | #2 Irish Mint

Racing well for something easier. The favoured runners have his measure I feel today.

 LAY (WIN) – Irish Mint

Morphettville Parks | Race 8 | #7 Marina

Another who hasn’t found an easy race. Not sure the drop in trip is ideal. Looking to others.

 LAY (WIN) – Marina

Murray Bridge | Race 4 | #9 Observance

Two career runs have not been flash and will need to improve sharply to be winning today.

 LAY (WIN) – Observance

Murray Bridge | Race 6 | #10 Wanaasa

Win three back was with the aid of a strong track bias. The last two have been plain. Others make more appeal.

 LAY (WIN) – Wanaasa

Murray Bridge | Race 8 | #1 Borris In Ossory

Big weight and car park draw with pace drawn under him. Has a big task and happy to risk today

 LAY (WIN) – Borris In Ossory

Bordertown | Race 3 | #6 Bear Arms

Two runs this campaign only average and favourite looks particularly hard to beat.

 LAY (WIN) – Bear Arms

Bordertown | Race 4 | #9 Mrs Flatley

Form ok for a race of this class however I feel might struggle with 1100m. Risking today.

 LAY (WIN) – Mrs Flatley

Bordertown | Race 5 | #4 Cobbers Mate

Around the mark but with a 4% win strike rate and at the current quote you have to take it on.

 LAY (WIN) – Cobbers Mate

Bordertown | Race 6 | #4 Ready Sunshine

Has won for almost 3 years. Down in class but another you can’t be backing at the price.

 LAY (WIN) – Ready Sunshine

Bordertown | Race 7 | #7 Longmire

Only career win was over 1000m. Feel a couple of these might have his measure.

 LAY (WIN) – Longmire

Morphettville | Race 1 | #6 Intrigue

Solid trial winner however meets a talented field for its debut. Wanna be smart and happy to take on today.

 LAY (WIN) – Intrigue

Morphettville | Race 2 | #2 The Statesman

Fairly consistent, however only win in Australia was over 2000m and over 12 months ago. Happy to risk at the quote

 LAY (WIN) – The Statesman

Morphettville | Race 3 | #3 Bronski

Form this preparation has been sound however I think the favourites have his measure.

 LAY (WIN) – Bronski

Morphettville | Race 5 | #8 Prairie Fire

Smart 2yo, however, has struggling capture form. Happy to take on first up today

 LAY (WIN) – Prairie Fire

Morphettville | Race 8 | #8 Bayou

Not sure this will be the place to be, come the last. Think he is short enough in betting.

 LAY (WIN) – Bayou

Gawler | Race 3 | #10 Time Rogue

Form hasn’t been flash of late. Rolls forward from the draw but I think a few has its measure.

 LAY (WIN) – Time Rogue

Gawler | Race 3 | #12 Leonarda

Last few efforts have been at Pt Augusta have been sound. A different kettle of fish today. Risking here.

 LAY (WIN) – Flow Meter

Gawler | Race 4 | #16 Grey Frog

Every chance last start and not a great record on rain affected tracks.

 LAY (WIN) – Grey Frog

Gawler | Race 5 | #6 The Trooper

A battling effort first up. Fitter, however I have a few ahead of it today.

 LAY (WIN) – The Trooper

Morphettville | Race 1 | #5 Dalswinton

Last three have only been fair and figures at this trip is not flash. Happy to risk at the quote.

 LAY (WIN) – Dalswinton

Morphettville | Race 2 | #5 Flow Meter

Broke through last start however received the favours and seems very well found at the price. Happy to take on.

 LAY (WIN) – Flow Meter

Morphettville | Race 4 | #7 Favourite Things

Had a few goes to break through and the favourites look to have her measure.

 LAY (WIN) – Favourite Things

Warwick Farm | Race 3 | #8 Castel Santangelo

Solid effort on pace last start and this event does look easier. Happy to risk at the price.

 LAY (WIN) – Castel Santangelo

Warwick Farm | Race 4 | #6 Lifetime Quest

Short in the betting after just a solid performance. Won’t get a soft time of it up front and looks vulnerable at that quote.

 LAY (WIN) – Lifetime Quest

Balaklava | Race 3 | #1 Ciroc

Had a few chances to breakthrough and has only been fair. Think it drifts in betting from the current price.

 LAY (WIN) – Ciroc

Balaklava | Race 6 | #7 Rushwa

Gets back from a tricky draw and others look to have his measure today I feel.

 LAY (WIN) – Rushwa

Gosford | Race 5 | #5 Home Scene

Okay first up, however, has had a few opportunities to break through. Looking to others.

 LAY (WIN) – Home Scene

Gosford | Race 8 | #11 Manly Cove

Just fair last start and a few with pace will give it no easy time up front. Short enough at current quote.

 LAY (WIN) – Manly Cove

Murray Bridge | Race 2 | #5 Our Benevento

First up win was good however steps up sharply in grade today. Happy to take on.

 LAY (WIN) – Our Benevento

Murray Bridge | Race 3 | #3 Canford

Every chance for mine last start. Gets back and will need some luck today from the draw.

 LAY (WIN) – Canford

Murray Bridge | Race 5 | #6 Going Gaga

Nice win last start however jumps from a BM70 to a BM82 and meets some inform runners. Short enough currently and happy to risk it.

 LAY (WIN) – Going Gaga

Murray Bridge | Race 6 | #8 Nodoubtaboutit

Just fair I thought first up. Gets back from a wide draw. Looking to others

 LAY (WIN) – Nodoubtaboutit

Newcastle | Race 1 | #3 Silver Melody

Two runs this preparation only favourite looks awfully hard to beat.

 LAY (WIN) – Silver Melody

Newcastle | Race 2 | #8 Skillet

Broke maiden status last start however this is a lot harder and comes in poorly at the weights. Looking to others.

 LAY (WIN) – Skillet

Newcastle | Race 3 | #2 Albert’s No Pussy

Strong winner at Scone however up in trip and good pace in this event might bring Albert undone.

 LAY (WIN) – Albert’s No Pussy

Rosehill | Race 1 | #1 Danawi

Ok last start working to the line. Seems well found in markets and looking to others.

 LAY (WIN) – Danawi

Rosehill | Race 2 | #7 Connemara

Every chance last start and draws a sticky gate. Under the odds at the current quote.

 LAY (WIN) – Connemara

Kembla Grange | Race 1 | #1 Evict

Three runs back from a spell and I thought every chance last start. Happy to risk and should drift in betting.

 LAY (WIN) – Evict

Kembla Grange | Race 2 | #5 Courageous

Solid debut, however, favourite looks extremely hard to beat. Happy to take on today.

 LAY (WIN) – Courageous

Kembla Grange | Race 2 | #6 Trengganu

Trial form is sound however strikes a tricky event today. Should drift in the betting.

 LAY (WIN) – Trengganu

Kembla Grange | Race 4 | #1 Black Chilli

Big weight and last two have just been fair. Respect the stable here however hard to have at the current quote.

 LAY (WIN) – Black Chilli

Kembla Grange | Race 5 | #8 First Reading

Got the breaks to score last start. This looks harder and draws a tricky gate.

 LAY (WIN) – First Reading

Kembla Grange | Race 5 | #10 Society

Debut win ok then not flash at Wyong. Taking on the Nash/Waller combo at the current quote.

 LAY (WIN) – Society

Kembla Grange | Race 6 | #1 Deelbraka

Short in the markets, however, gets back and big weight. Looking at others.

 LAY (WIN) – Deelbraka

Canterbury | Race 1 | #6 Tisane

From good yard, however, I thought it had every chance on debut. Looking to others.

 LAY (WIN) – Tisane

Canterbury | Race 3 | #4 Rome (Scratched)

First up and will get back from a tricky draw. Happy to risk at the quote on offer.

 LAY (WIN) – Rome (Scratched)

Canterbury | Race 4 | #6 Sensacova

Solid form, however, will need to lift to take this out. Track and distance stats not flash.

 LAY (WIN) – Sensacova

Canterbury | Race 7 | #4 McMahon

Wil drift back from a wide draw. Needs luck in running and happy to be the others at the current price.

 LAY (WIN) – McMahon

Gawler | Race 4 | #3 Gorille

Form only fair this preparation and meets and inform race today. Happy to risk at the current price.

 LAY (WIN) – Gorille

Gawler | Race 5 | #8 New Testament

First up and will drift back from an inside draw. Looking to others at the current quote.

 LAY (WIN) – New Testament

Moruya | Race 2 | #6 Quideem

Last three efforts have only been fair to my eye and is currently unders. Expecting it to be easy in the betting and struggle in this class.

 LAY (WIN) – Quideem

Moruya | Race 4 | #2 Ancient Times

Debut effort was just ok I thought. Would have needed to have improved sharply to take this out. Looking to others.

 LAY (WIN) – Ancient Times

Moruya | Race 4 | #6 Monteil

On debut today and two trials were not of those of a coming winner to my eye. Looking to others.

 LAY (WIN) – Monteil

Moruya | Race 5 | #1 Against The Tide

Tricky gate and just fair at Kembla Grange. Another who I think will be easy in the market and happy to take on today.

 LAY (WIN) – Against The Tide

Morphettville | Race 1 | #4 Dance Of Heroes

Won at a big price two starts back however, needs to improve to win this today.

 LAY (WIN) – Dance Of Heroes

Morphettville | Race 3 | #4 Mystified

Runs have only been fair this preparation and meets a strong event. Deserves to be longer

 LAY (WIN) – Mystified

Morphettville | Race 3 | #6 Pale Ale

Racing well for something easier and happy to risk at the current quote

 LAY (WIN) – Pale Ale

Morphettville | Race 6 | #8 Wanaasa

Strong maiden winner two back on a day that favoured on pace. Faces a tough task I feel today.

 LAY (WIN) – Wanaasa

Kembla Grange | Race 3 | #6 Pahang

Trial was sound however deserves to be longer in price. Should drift in the market

 LAY (WIN) – Pahang

Kembla Grange | Race 6 | #2 Academy

Nice on pace winner on debut however this is a different kettle of fish. Too short in the betting so happy to take on

 LAY (WIN) – Academy

Wyong | Race 1 | #6 Super Pins

Has been thereabouts this preparation, however, proving costly to punters. Happy to risk at the quote on offer.

 LAY (WIN) – Super Pins

Wyong | Race 5 | #1 Clevanicc

Two runs this preparation have only been fair. Down in class however. Needs to improve and looks unders.

 LAY (WIN) – Clevanicc

Hawkesbury | Race 3 | #4 The Bald Eagle

First up win sound then only worked to the line last start. I had it marked longer.

 LAY (WIN) – The Bald Eagle

Hawkesbury | Race 6 | #7 Bright Idea

Tricky draw and happy to risk based on last start at Taree which was just ok.

 LAY (WIN) – Bright Idea

Warwick Farm | Race 2 | #2 Parveen

Form has been sound however gets back from a wide draw and happy to risk at the current quote

 LAY (WIN) – Parveen

Warwick Farm | Race 2 | #4 Caesura

Like the stablemate form is good however is becoming a touch costly.

 LAY (WIN) – Caesura

Warwick Farm | Race 4 | #10 Riviera

Took it on last start and we got the result, gets back from the draw and looks unders currently.

 LAY (WIN) – Riviera

Morphettville | Race 2 | #4 Issara

Form only average at present will need to improve to take this out. Currently unders.

 LAY (WIN) – Issara

Morphettville | Race 4 | #3 Grey Frog

A couple have abit more upside than him and should drift in betting.

 LAY (WIN) – Grey Frog

Morphettville | Race 7 | #7 Rock on Ivy

Not a strong event however is short enough for current form. Happy to risk

 LAY (WIN) – Rock on Ivy

Gawler | Race 1 | #4 Cover Girl

Open event and had a few chances now. Happy to risk at the current price.

 LAY (WIN) – Cover Girl

Gawler | Race 5 | #2 Quivers

Gets back in a rail position that favours on pace. Think may find this too hard today.

 LAY (WIN) – Quivers

Gawler | Race 7 | #7 Rushwa

Struggles to win and track/distance figures are not strong.

 LAY (WIN) – Greyworm

Rosehill | Race 6 | #5 Wimlah

Just got there last start and the wide draw is of concern. Happy to risk at current price.

 LAY (WIN) – Wimlah

Rosehill | Race 8 | #4 Bon Amis

Disappointing I thought second up and deserves to be longer in the market.

 LAY (WIN) – Bon Amis

Rosehill | Race 9 | #1 Greyworm

First up, big weight and wide draw. Has ability however happy to take on

 LAY (WIN) – Greyworm

Gosford | Race 5 | #3 Oakfield Target

Broke maiden last start however will find this harder.

 LAY (WIN) – Oakfield Target

Gosford | Race 7 | #3 Bentley Magic

Has been running on ok recently with need to improve to take this out.

 LAY (WIN) – Bentley Magic

Gosford | Race 8 | #1 Hamogany

Limited galloper and up in weight and class. Happy to take on.

 LAY (WIN) – Hamogany

Morphettville | Race 2 | #6 Canford

Favourite awfully hard to beat and the rise in trip a concern. Happy to risk

 LAY (WIN) – Canford

Morphettville | Race 4 | #4 Arrow Lane

Conditions suited last start and this is a competitive event. Currently unders.

 LAY (WIN) – Arrow Lane

Kembla Grange | Race 1 | #5 Disco Mo

Only average performances of late and is under the odds. Think the favourites have his measure.

 LAY (WIN) – Disco Mo

Kembla Grange | Race 8 | #10 Betty Blooms

Faces a different task from the last start. Has been supported however happy to risk at the current price.

 LAY (WIN) – Betty Blooms

Canterbury | Race 1 | #6 Jailbreak

Takes a nice portion of market percentage and form suggests it needs to improve many lengths.

 LAY (WIN) – Jailbreak

Canterbury | Race 6 | #11 Riviera

Home ok first up, however, will not find this race to her liking.

 LAY (WIN) – Riviera

Murray Bridge | Race 2 | #7 Grabbing Glory

Two first-up runs have only been fair and favourite looks awfully hard to beat.

 LAY (WIN) – Grabbing Glory

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