Jeff Horn vs Tim Tszyu: Expert Tips and Preview

On Wednesday the 26th, we see an Australian showdown that features the surname of a legend and a controversial former world champion on opposite corners. Tim Tszyu steps up in competition to challenge Jeff Horn in a bout that sees two championship belts on the line.

The Analysts have assessed each fighter’s style, strengths and weaknesses to determine who they believe will be coming out of the clash with their undefeated record intact.


While Tim Tszyu carries the last name of his father; honorary Australian and boxing legend Kostya Tszyu, Tim has yet to rack up quite the same impressive resume. Lacking experience at the world class level, Tim nonetheless has dominated everyone he stepped into the ring with, most recently notching a one-sided victory over Jack Brubaker.

The unblemished Tszyu has scored a stoppage in 11 of his 15 bouts, but may find himself struggling to put away the rugged Jeff Horn, who once again displayed his toughness in his most recent outing against Michael Zerafa.

Having squared off against Zerafa twice in 2019, Jeff Horn was put through the ringer in both outings, being stopped in the first showdown and nearly having the same happen the second time around before rallying to notch a majority decision victory. The man known as “The Hornet” has had a controversial and rather hot-and-cold career, with his first exposure to world class talent being a hotly debated decision win over Manny Pacquiao. Unfortunately, the momentum could not be sustained, as he would put forth a losing effort against Terence Crawford less than a full year later.

Following in his trend of inconsistency, Horn went to two life and death bouts against Michael Zerafa – a fighter that is not considered world class at this time, winning one and losing one. At this point in his career, it can be reasonably suggested that Jeff Horn will struggle to find a win against a major world titlist but is still within close enough distance that he may prove to be quite the challenge for young Tim Tszyu.

It remains to be seen if Tim Tszyu is ready for the challenge that a motivated “Hornet” poses. In cases like this, we analyze how much potential Tszyu has and weigh that against his ability to stay composed and focused when climbing up the rankings of the super welterweight division.


In my humble opinion, Tim Tszyu has an awful lot of potential. Although his resume is a bit lacking, he has performed exceptionally well against the competition he has faced up to this point, and I am particularly impressed with Tszyu’s fairly tight fundamentals and willingness to deploy the dirty-boxing and hand-fighting tactics that his father Kostya was so good at, as well.

Although I do not consider Tim to be a “brawler”, as he bodes quite well when picking his range from the outside and winning exchanges with superior positioning and timing, he owns an obvious acumen for fighting on the inside. While he can get a bit grimy on the inside, there is no questioning that Tszyu has spent much time and effort refining his technical abilities.

Jeff Horn, on the other hand, is a talented boxer in his own right and there is no questioning his heart, but I suspect “The Hornet” may find himself in some trouble against the younger, stronger fighter. Barring a surprisingly shallow gas tank fueling Tim Tszyu, I expect Horn to struggle in the face of the technically superior Tszyu, particularly on the inside.

While Horn has accomplished an extraordinary amount in his career despite lacking an abundance of “natural” gifts like punching power or speed, it is beginning to look as though Horn’s career has peaked, and we have seen the best Jeff Horn we will ever see.. I expect Jeff to put forth his best foot against his young challenger, but ultimately get outworked and worn down over the course of the bout.


I do not anticipate a stoppage for either man occurring but if anyone hits the canvas, I believe it will be Jeff Horn sometime in the second half of the bout, once he starts to fade. Historically, Horn “hits a wall” so to speak around round six or seven, and I would be surprised if Horn did not tire visibly in the second half of this bout, as well.

While I doubt a completely one-sided performance will be seen from Tim Tszyu, I feel that the 25-year-old will do enough to win rounds and wear Horn down with effective work on the inside and a superior work rate.


BACK (WIN) — Tszyu By Points or Decision

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