Are you familiar with a match bet? What about the term promo arbing?

Betting arbitrage is a popular strategy that Betfair Exchange customers love. This low risk method is a great way to profit from bookmaker promotions.

We have in-house match bet experts and we also share articles from some of the best arbers in Australia.

Are you ready to take on the bookies and cash in on their promotional wars? You’ll need Betfair.


If you’re new to promo arbing, or match betting, we suggest you start with the basic guides below:

2. More Match Betting

Once you’ve understand the principles, you just need to find the right offers, and use the right tools.

Betfair customers use a variety of free and professional tools. They include:

One direct resource to get started would be Bonus Money’s Promo Calendar for Spring Carnival 2018. They’ve also written some exclusive articles:

More Resources

Our in-house Promo Arber has written a series of related pieces. Like how to use Odds Boost to it’s greatest advantage or why you need to avoid multis. These articles will help you in your journey. Plus, there’s a Customer Insight story on a promo arber that graduated to the next level.


Lastly, we’ve created a match betting calculator to help you maximise your returns.

Let the calculator do the maths for you by simple clicking on the Nav bar below OR entering the market name into the search field.

When you find the best promos, lay them off on Betfair. You can make risk free profit.

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