Automated Betting Station

Betfair is one of the only betting platforms in the world that demands winning clients. Unlike bookies, we don’t ban you. We need you. And we want you to get smarter. We genuinely LOVE seeing clients with automated betting strategies that win.

This page is here to help you become one of our successful clients. Like James the AFL modeler who beat the market without watching a game. Or Jack the IT expert who combined his maths skills with his love for punting.


We know that you’re automated strategies are only as good as your data. Here are three popular resources that share Betfair’s pricing data on almost any race or sport.

We’re always trying to increase this offering and should have extra data sources by early 2019, if not sooner.

access the api

As you may already know, Betfair has its own API to allow you to integrate your program into the Exchange. Many of our most successful clients bet exclusively through this by placing automated bets using custom software.

The UK’s site is temporarily down, however there are lots of resources available to support you in accessing the API effectively, including the Developer Program Knowledge Base, detailed Dev Docs and example code in a variety of languages.

Unfortunately, the sign up process can feel overwhelming to some people. To help facilitate your journey, we’ve created this Five Step API Guide.

Are you ready to compete with traders and data analysts on the world’s biggest betting exchange?

third party apps

Whilst the following tools are not custom, they do allow you to automate your betting strategies. You just set up specific betting conditions and let the third party application do the work for you. The following three are probably the most popular with Betfair customers.


To feed this community with even more resources, our Data Science team has created a dedicated Betfair page on GitHub.

We’ll be sharing repo’s of our predictive models, API cheatsheets and a whole lot more. This is just the beginning.

Extra help

If you’re looking for bespoke advice or have extra questions, please contact us at We have a dedicated in-house resource that is here to automate your betting strategies.

We also know software developers who can create custom tools for you. Please use the above email for those requests as well.

External Resources

Lastly, we know that some strategies need more than Betfair data to thrive. So while we continue strengthening that offering, we also wanted to share some sport specific resources that you may find helpful.

Sport Resource
AFL fitzRoy
AFL Squiggle API
AFL Australia Sports Betting
Cricket cricinfo
Cricket cricsheet
Football Football Data
Golf Official PGA
Golf sportradar
Golf PGAgolfbets
Golf datatgolf
Golf Future Of Fantasy
Horse Racing PuntingForm
Horse Racing Punters Stats
NBA Official NBA
NBL NBL Official
NBL Spatial Jam
NFL nflgame GitHub
NFL NFLsavant
NRL iStats NRL
NRL NRL Tables
NRL Fox Sports NRL
Promo Arbitrage Bonus Money’s Matcha
Tennis Tennis Data
Tennis Jeff Sackmann GitHub
Tennis ATP World Tour