How To Update Your Betfair Username

If your username is also your e-mail address, we request you take a few minutes to create a new, more secure username.

To do this you just need to follow some simple steps

  1. Login to your Betfair account.
  2. Click here to open “My Account Details”
  3. On the ‘About You’ section, click ‘Edit’.
  4. You will now have the option to enter a username.
  5. To confirm your changes just enter your Betfair password.
  6. In addition, we recommend you disable ‘Email logins’.

These changes will take effect the next time you log in.

  • Usernames must be unique, using only alphabetical and numerical characters.
  • You should avoid using a username you have used on another account.
  • Try not to use first name and last names within your username.

More Security Measures

If you want to increase the security of your Betfair account, and we recommend you do, find out about the extra measures HERE. You’ll learn about Two Factor Authentication (2FA) and other password tools.

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