How To Set Up Geeks Toy For Australian Racing

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Geeks Toy

First-time users are often perplexed by betting software. The different features, interfaces, settings and charting features look overwhelming…

Don’t worry. It’s normal to feel like this. The good news being; it’s easily overcome. Using betting software isn’t that complicated at all – providing you focus on the right things first.

This article will run you through getting set up a profile with Geeks Toy, highlighting the most important points as we go.

Setting Yourself For An Advantage

Using a software program like the Geeks Toy has several advantages. To get maximum benefit, its important to bear them in mind whilst creating your profile.

To highlight a few:

  • Live market data – updated every 200ms.
  • Extra information – full market depth.
  • Faster bet placement – one click betting.
  • Advanced charting – comparable and real-time.

Website users are presented with this interface:

Whereas Geeks Toy users have the opportunity to build an interface like this:

You might not yet understand that second image, so I’ll quickly point out a few things.

On the website, you are required to hit ‘refresh’ or wait several seconds for new market information. You can view one Betfair chart at a time and have to choose a bet, stake, price and then click to place and confirm the bet (meanwhile the price may have changed).

Understanding the relationship between prices isn’t particularly clear as you only have a grid format with numerical values displaying the last three prices.

In comparison, Geeks Toy shows live data every 200ms automatically. You can view as many charts as you like, placing them next to each other for easy comparison and place your back or lay at the real-time price, all in a single click. Furthermore, betting market activity is a lot clearer with vertical comparisons and streaming charts to visualise. Information also stretches far beyond three price points.

Simply put, if you want to see the market for what it is, and react fast in the moment – the advantage is significant.

Building Your Horse Racing Profile

One of the most attractive elements of Geeks Toy is the level of customisation. You can change just about everything if you want to. This is ideal as you can tailor it to fit your betting activity.

For the purpose of this article I’ll assume we’re looking to trade horse racing markets, pre-race.

What do we need?

Bearing in mind the previous points, we want things to be clear. The more visual the easier it is for our mind to process information. For that reason, we’ll be using the ladder interface (as above).

There is a grid interface, although its more suited to in-running punters.

Trading pre-race is reliant on the shorter priced runners heading the market. This is because they hold a large portion of the over-round percentage (they’re most popular).

So, for that reason, it makes sense to target the top 3-5 horses. Screen size is often the decider for this amongst traders. All of the settings mentioned can be altered by right-clicking the header bar of your ladder.

If you can’t find something specifically, check out the Geeks Toy user guide by clicking here.

Other Features

Next, we want to make sure all of the relevant information is displayed, and as comparable as possible. It’ll allow us to see which market forces are repelling each other – see the Betfair charts in the above image. Also, the Market Overview is extremely useful for comparisons (activate this by right-clicking the main market navigator bar).

Another important market indicator is traded volume (of bets). There are multiple ways to view this, in the image above we have the traded volume columns on – showing how much has been matched at each price. See the green bars.

In addition, we’ve turned on streaming charts (set to the top of each horses column). This allows us to see bets as they fall into the market and get matched, live.

Staking buttons are another handy addition. One-click betting is fast, so being able to switch between stakes easily is crucial. By default they’re on, shown at the top of each ‘ladder’ column.

The last thing I’d consider a must is the profit and loss column. If you look carefully, next to each price there is a white box (to the right). When you have a betting position open this column will show you the net cash-out at that price.

Extra Tip

Having an effective profile is all about tailoring it to the situation you bet on. Think about what you’re doing and why.

For example, if you were betting on horse racing in-play, you might want to do away with those Betfair charts and extend the ladder length. Doing this would allow you to see over a broader range of prices. Helpful when you consider how fast and in-play prices move!

Timing it right

These are the core components of a successful trading profile for horse racing. Having your interface set up like this will maximise the potential to understand market activity and react fast. Often, in pre-race trading, a few seconds can be the difference between making a profit or losing. Being set up correctly is the first step in the right direction…

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