How to Promo Arb the Big Bash

The Big Bash League is Australia’s biggest T20 tournament and has historically been one that’s attracted a lot of attention from Australian bettors. Corporate bookies usually offer many promotions during the tournament. This is to entice you to deposit and bet with them rather than their competitors.

Many people will just use these promotions as part of their general betting as a nice little kickback on losing bets however, a growing number of savvy punters are able to take advantage of these promotions, generating considerable profits with little risk. This is all done through a process called matched betting.

In this article we’ll explain how you can use bookmaker promotions available during the Big Bash to gain an edge. We’ll also share a couple of simple methods to make a potential profit during the Big Bash using the promotions and Betfair.

Are you ready to take on the bookies over BBL08 ? You’ll need Betfair.


Betfair has already released some golden information regarding matched betting (or promo arbing as its sometimes known) and guides such as this can help even the most novice punter take advantage of the generous sign up bonuses available. If you haven’t already signed up to all the bookmakers in Australia and taken advantage of their signup offers, then generating low risk profits from these is a great way to cash in. But once you’ve done that the profit doesn’t need to end.


Every game of the Big Bash will have several promotions on across the various bookies. Some of these offers will run throughout the competition and others will only be available on individual games. To check what offers each bookie has on you can visit each of the 20 Australian corporate bookmakers promotion pages by logging in and navigating to their promotions page. If you don’t fancy spending 20 minutes a day doing that but also don’t want to miss out on any of the offers then you can visit the Big Bash page at Bonus Money. We check the promotion pages twice a day and any promotion that you can gain an edge from, we list as well a clearly laid out guide of exactly how to do it.

Here are just two of the many available methods you can use to take advantage of the promotions.

Promotion One: Learn how to make a profit each time your selected wins with TabTouch’s promotion and Betfair

The Method

  1. Find a team who’s Back odds at Tabtouch closely match Betfair’s
  2. Calculate your back and lay stake using a Matched Betting Calculator
  3. Place your back bet with TabTouch
  4. Place your lay bet with Betfair
  5. BOOM – every time your selected team wins you get a $10 cash bonus up to your staked amount

Step 1

Compare TabTouch outright winner odds, to those offered at Betfair – at time of writing the best match was Brisbane Heat at 6.5 from Tabtouch, with Betfair offering lay odds of 7.4

The odds available at TabTouch – at 1pm Monday 17th December 2018

The Odds available at Betfair – at 1pm Monday 17th December 2018

Step 2

As there are 14 games that each team will play and the maximum bonus is capped at whatever you stake it would be possible to gain a bonus right up to $140 if your selected team won every game. As this is unlikely we would suggest staking $100.

We can add the back and lay odds in to the matched betting calculator

We can see that by doing this we will have a qualifying loss of $15.99.

Here is a table of the possible outcomes

Outcome Result at TabTouch Result at Betfair Overall result
Brisbane Heat win BBL $550 Profit $565.99 Loss $15.99 Loss
Brisbane Heat do not win BBL $100 Loss $88.44 Profit $15.99 Loss

But by placing these 2 bets every time Brisbane Heat win a game we get a $10 cash bonus. On average we could expect Brisbane to win at least 7 of their 14 games.

If Brisbane Heat won 7 of their BBL league games we would make a $54.01 Profit ($70 cash bonus – $15.99 qualifying loss)

Step 3

Place your back bet of $100 at Tabtouch.

Step 4

Place your lay bet at Betfair.

Step 5

BOOM – Every time Brisbane Heat win a BBL league game you get a $10 cash bonus.

If they win two games, you would be in profit.

But on average by placing these two bets you would expect to make on average roughly $54 profit.


In offers such as this they would usually favour being on the favourite for the tournament as they are more likely to win more games. But because the BBL this year there aren’t any clear favourites it is better to ensure you get a close match of odds between TabTouch and Betfair.

It’s always worth double checking the promotions Terms and Conditions, just to be sure your State/Territory and personal account are eligible for the promotion. 

Promotion Two: Use Betfair to potentially profit from Bet365’s Double Winnings Offer

The Method

  1. Find a team who’s odds closely match the lay odds on Betfair
  2. Calculate your back and lay stakes with a matched betting calculator
  3. Place your back bet with Bet365
  4. Place your lay bet with Betfair
  5. If your team wins and scores 8 or more sixes you’ll get $100 worth of bonus credits to use.

Step 1

The Odds for Brisbane Heat are fairly close between Bet 365 and the Betfair Lay Odds.

The Odds available at Bet365 and Betfair as of Monday 17th December 2018

Bet 365 Odds:

The Odds available at Betfair: 

Step 2

We need to work out how much we need to stake at both Bet 365 and Betfair in order to get an equal qualifying cost. As we are looking to double our winnings (up to $100 in bonus credits), we need to stake to win $100 with Bet 365. To work this out, we perform this simple sum.

100/(Bet 365 Odds -1)

So the Back Stake for Brisbane Heat on Bet 365 is $125

100/0.8 = $125

We would recommend rounding this figure up to the nearest $5. As betting an amount such as $153.84 to perfectly win $100, may highlight you as a ‘promo arber’ to the bookies.

We then enter this back stake, Bet 365 odds for Brisbane Heat and the Lay price for Brisbane Heat into the matched betting calculator.

You can see here that regardless of what happens you’ll lose $7.55.

However, should Brisbane Heat win and score 8 or more sixes in their victory, you’ll pick up $100 worth of bet credits.

Outcome Result at Bet 365 Result at Betfair Overall
Brisbane Heat Win score less than 8 sixes $100 -$107.55 -$7.55
Brisbane Heat Win score 8 sixes or more $100 +$100 in Bet Credits -$107.55 -$7.55 with $100 in Bet Credits
Adelaide Strikers Win -$125 +$117.44 (After Commission) -$7.56

Once we have obtained the bet credits, we know we can potentially turn them into profits by matched betting. There are plenty of opportunities, and as a minimum you should expect to retain 70% of the value of the credits. So essentially, $70 cash.  

Step 3

Place your bet with Bet365.

Ensuring you stake the correct amount, as worked out in step 2.

Step 4

Place your Lay bet with Betfair.

Step 5

BOOM – every time you back/lay a selection and they win whilst hitting at least 8 sixes, you’ll make large low-risk gains.

Looking at previous seasons since 2011. In 25.1% of the games, the winning team has gone on to hit at least 8 sixes.

Season Total no. of games Games where winning team hit 8 or more 6’s Games where winning team hit 8 or more 6’s (%)
2017-2018 43 13 30.23%
2016-2017 35 14 40.00%
2015-2016 35 8 22.85%
2014-2015 34 5 14.70%
2013-2014 34 8 23.52%
2012-2013 35 5 14.28%
2011-2012 31 9 29.03%
All Seasons 247 62 25.10%


You are usually better off backing the favourite, as they are more likely to win the game. However, backing a favourite may incur a larger qualifying cost as you are having to stake more with Bet365 in order to win $100. We would recommend to pick the selection that costs the least to match with Betfair.

This offer has traditionally been better at grounds such as the Gabba and the Adelaide oval. So ensure that whenever Brisbane or Adelaide are hosting, that you are participating in the offer. The chance of the bonus triggering is probably higher at these venues. Regardless, of where the game is taking place, there is still positive expected value to be had at any ground.


With so many offers available it can take some work to scan each of the bookmakers sites not only for their promotions but also to ensure you are choosing the best odds possible. At Bonus Money we compile all the offers and the methods in one place for you.

Dutching is a betting term which describes betting on multiple outcomes to increase your chance of profiting. When Matched Betting, this usually refers to placing many bets on the same market across several bookmakers and Betfair to give you a greater chance of gaining bonuses. By ‘dutching’ many bets together you can often qualify for more promotions at a lesser qualifying cost than by backing and laying each bet individually.

The dutching calculators from Bonus Money pull in the current bookmakers odds and Betfair and then calculates for you which team or outcome to bet on at each bookie so that you can qualify for the largest number of promotions in the cheapest possible way.

If even that seems too much work then you can simply follow along with our suggested bets…


While following a list of daily plays is actually a terrible idea once you take your matched betting seriously (read this guide to find out why) It can be a simple way to get started. So if you are new to matched betting and just simply want to follow a list of bets then the Bonus Money matched betting diary will lay out for you exact bets to follow each day in order for you to be successful during the Big Bash.


The Big Bash gives you the opportunity to turn the tables on the corporate bookies and take advantage of their generous promotions to give you an edge. There are going to be lots of offers on every game. Using the Betfair exchange, it’s possible by following simple matched betting methods to make profit, or obtain bonuses to be turned into profit.

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