How to Promo Arb the Australian Open

As the Australian Open begins the bookies come to the table offering promotions hoping that you continue to bet with them throughout the tournament and on other sports. We’ll show you how to turn these promotions in your favour and hopefully aid you to get some healthy profits by ‘matched betting’ the promotions. Which means you can risk very little with potentially decent returns

In this article, we’ll take a look at 2 of the popular promotions, but if you want to really smash the corporates during the Aus Open you can grab a Bonus Money Pro membership. This will allow you to take advantage of every single promotion on offer.

BetEasy Chase the Ace

Chase the Ace has long been a matched betting favourite for Matched Bettors. For a small qualifying loss, it’s possible to get a decent amount of bonus bets.

The Offer

Place a Head to Head bet of $20 or more on selected matches and spin the wheel to see the Bonus Bet value you will receive for each ace your player serves.

If the wheel lands on $10, you will receive $10 in Bonus Bets for each ace your player serves. If the wheel lands on 50c, you will receive 50c in Bonus Bets for every ace your Player serves.

This offer is only on selected games and will be updated on the BetEasy website. Bonus Money will be updating which games are eligible on our offer calendar each day.


No games are currently listed on the site but will likely be updated later today in preparation for the tournament starting tomorrow. We can run you through a hypothetical example of a game

Isner v Monteiro

Bookmaker Bet Amount Odds
Beteasy Back John Isner $20 1.36
Betfair Lay John Isner $20.15 1.4

Possible Outcomes

Outcome Result
Any result -$0.86 in Qualifying loss then get a bonus bet from 50c to $10 for each Ace that John Isner serves!

To update the calculation if the odds change you can visit the matched betting calculator here

Sportsbet 4 Games Up You Win

A Chance to score a bigger payout is using Sportsbet 4up offer. With a chance of a double payout of both your bet at Sportsbet and your lay bet at Betfair winning.

The Offer

Your bet will be paid out in full up to a $250 stake if your player takes a 4 game lead at any stage during a set regardless of the final result.


Lopez v Bautista-Agut

Bookmaker Bet Amount Odds
Sportsbet Back F Lopez $250 7.5
Betfair Lay F Lopez $230.06 8.2

Possible Outcomes

Outcome Result
F Lopez leads a set by 4 games but loses the match $1843.56 Profit!
Any other result -$31.41 in Qualifying loss

To update the calculation if the odds change you can visit the matched betting calculator here


These 2 offers are just a small selection of all the offers available on the Aus Open. They give a taste of the profits that can potentially be achieved matched betting. 

If you want to learn how to take advantage of all the offers including Multi offers and enhanced odds to gain more profits join Bonus Money Pro

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