How To Promo Arb The 2019 AFL Season

The AFL returns this week which give you fantastic opportunity to take advantage of the offers from the corporate bookmakers! They use these to entice you to deposit and bet with them rather than their competitors, but if you are savvy you can turn them to your advantage using the Betfair exchange to give yourself an edge. You don’t want to get left behind! The process is simple, it’s called matched betting.

Betfair has a comprehensive guide to the various opportunities that exist for you to Promo Arb on the Hub here – Promo Arber Station. In this article we’ll explain how you can use bookmaker promotions available during this AFL season to gain an edge.

The Offers

Throughout the season there will be multiple bookmakers offers on every game for you to participate in. It is likely that the promotions will have a higher expected value for the first few rounds, as the bookies look to rope you in with them to bet throughout the season. You can look up and evaluate each of promos yourself which, after visiting all the bookie’s promo pages, will take a chunk out of your day. Or you can simply check out the AFL page at Bonus Money. This is your one stop shop to see the promotions and the ones worth getting on. All the leg work is done for you, and we let you know what your edge is before you dive in.

There are several ways youtake advantage of the promotions – we’ll walk through one from TAB right now.

An Easy Offer to Potentially Profit From

The TAB AFL Futures Offer is one that is definitely worth considering and is analysed below. 

Here’s The Method

  1. You simply back a team to win with TAB
  2. Lay the same team on Betfair
  3. Get a $5 bonus bet from TAB every time your team wins

If we look at an example:

Tab are offering odds of 5.5 for Richmond to win the Premiership (odds correct at 4pm on Sunday 17th March 2019).

And you can lay Richmond on Betfair at 5.6 (odds correct at 4pm Sunday 17th March 2019).

As Betfair has the low commission of 2.5% for the entire 2019 AFL season we can effectively back and lay this bet so that regardless of whether the Tigers lift the flag or not you will lose just 76 cents.

Here is the calculation

Placing this back bet and lay bet would mean each time the Tigers win a game in the first 10 rounds TAB will give you a $5 bonus bet.  

You can then use a tool such as the Matcha to turn your free bonus bets into profit.

Sorry if we bring up bad memories for any fans out there, but on the off chance they do another 2007, and lose their first 9 matches, you’d still have that 76c well covered.  

Greater Value Offers

If the idea of getting a number of $5 bonus bets at virtually no cost doesn’t excite you then you want to be checking out the Bonus Money guides to profiting from some of the more lucrative offers out there.

Sportsbet and Pointsbet have both come to the table with exciting offers that can potentially be turned into large sums of profit.

Other bookmakers, such as Bet365, Ladbrokes and Beteasy are liekly to come to the party this week, with strong offers in an attempt to capture their share of the Australian punting market.  

If you want to check out how to potentially profit from these larger offers go to the Bonus Money AFL page for Matched Betting here.  


The corporate bookmakers offer lots of promotions during the AFL season to get you to bet with them. Matched Betting is a method that allows you to potentially make money with little risk from these offers. Bonus Money will show you all the offers available here

There is also a Facebook Community that discusses Matched Betting opportunities here

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