How to Promo Arb the FIFA World Cup

Corporate bookmakers try to garner customer attention during popular sporting events by offering promotions. The World Cup certainly qualifies as one of these events so let’s take a look at the best opportunities available to us.

Promo Arbing

We’ve discussed promotional arbitrage, or match betting, several times before. It’s a great way for savvy punters to pursue profit while minimising risk.

Where to Start

To know which offers are available you can visit each individual bookmaker or you can use some third party websites. For a comprehensive list of sign up offers, check out Punters. Or Racenet.

You can use these sign up free bets to arbitrage World Cup Futures or match odds.

For example, you can back Argentina to be the Best South American Team on Sportsbet at $3.50. Then you can lay it back on the Betfair Exchange at $3.45.

If the odds move on this Sportsbet offer, you can find similar opportunities by using Odds. This comparison tool can help you find betting selections that get closest to the Betfair Lay price.

Some other examples we found are:

Bookmaker Market Selection Odds Betfair Lay
Neds To Reach 1/4 Final Brazil $1.50 $1.47
Neds To Reach 1/4 Final Spain $1.60 $1.49
Neds Top Goalscorer Diego Costa $34 $32
Neds Top South American Uruguay $8.50 $7.80
Ubet/Centrebet Top South American Uruguay $8 $7.80
Ladbrokes Top South American Peru $51 $44
Ladbrokes Reach Final Serbia $67 $55
Topbetta Reach Final Brazil $3.50 $3.45

Odds correct at 12 noon on 8/6/18.

Daily World Cup Offers

On top of the sign up bonuses, there’s arguably more opportunity in the promotions for each match. For a comprehensive list, successful Betfair clients tell us that the best resource is Bonus Money. It’s here that you’ll find every promo for the 2018 World Cup.

Futures Offer

One simple offer that may be worth your time is at William Hill. Providing they you to bet on promotions, you can place a $70 bet into the 2018 winner market and get $12.50 in bonuses for each game your team wins. This can be a simple back and lay opportunity for a team that is expected to go deep into the competition. For example:

Back Spain with William Hill for $70 at odds of $7. Then Lay Spain with $64.90 at $7.60 for a qualifying loss of -$8.34.

You’ll get a bonus worth $12.50 for each time Spain win. If Spain win all of their group and final matches, you’ll collect $100 in bonus bets.

Daily Gameplan

A more complex and lucrative option is using the following offers from UBET, TAB and Sportsbet:

  • UBET – Place a win result bet and if your team leads at any time but goes on to draw, get bonus bets back up to $50.
  • TAB – Place a win result bet and if your team leads at any time but goes on to draw, get bonus bets back up to $50.
  • Sportsbet – Your bet will be paid out in full if your team is winning at half time but the team goes on to draw or lose. Max stake $500.

You could use a dutch betting strategy to back one team on UBET and another team on TAB with $50, then back the draw on Betfair. Your best result would be either team scoring and the game ending in a draw.

There are other strategies that you could use with these promotions as well, depending on your risk appetite.

Lastly, let’s look at the Sportsbet offer.

If you were to bet $500 on Sportsbet on Saudi Arabia at odds of $11 (current at 12 noon 8/6/18), you could lay Saudi Arabia at odds of $12 on Betfair. Using a matched betting calculator you could get a matched bet with a qualifying cost of -$62.76.

If Saudi Arabia lead at half time but then fail to win the game, you will return a sizeable profit of $5,460. If that doesn’t happen, you take the net loss of $62.76


The 2018 World Cup will be a popular period for professional promo arbers. It’s a good idea to re-check bookmaker websites or third party tools like Bonus Money each day as some promotions are only released on game day. Knowing all of the available promotions before betting can improve your strategy and maximise your profits. As can minimising risk by laying promotional offers on the Betfair Exchange.

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