How To Matched Bet: Video Tutorials

Wanting to start your new side hustle and learn how to matched bet? We’ve teamed up with Bonus Money to create a series of videos about a range of different topics when it comes to matched betting/promo arbing.

If you have any questions about something mentioned in the videos or about matched betting in general, please ask us in the comments section under one of our YouTube videos.

Adam Hackney, co-founder of Bonus Money, has been matched betting for years. In this video he runs over what exactly matched betting, or promo arbing, is and how you can make a quick start.

For further detail, be sure to read our brief guide to matched betting.

One of the most common promotions offered by bookmakers across Australia are bonus bets up to a certain stake if your horse runs second or third.

In the above video, Adam outlines five easy steps on how you can potentially profit off these promotions.

We also have an article on the Hub which goes over these five steps in slightly more detail.

Another way of obtaining bonus bets is by simply making an account with a bookmaker. While new legislation brought in in 2019 banned bookies from advertising sign-up inducements, many still dish out bonus bets upon creation of an account.

Watch the above video to learn the most effective way of going about this.

Another potentially lucrative tool popular among the matched betting community is Neds’ Tool Box.

This video outlines the features of the toolbox, while this article runs through the simple steps of how to take advantage of its offers.

That covers off many of the basics of matched betting.

You can learn more about Adam’s journey in promo arbing in the above video.

We also strongly encourage you to download our Matched Betting eBook, which provides another step-by-step guide to potentially making money online.

If you have any questions about matched betting, please leave a comment on one of the above videos and we will get back to you.

Gamble responsibly.

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