Horse Racing Ratings

The Analysts provide their horse ratings, race comments and best profiled runner for selected meetings. You can use these ratings to find value in the Betfair market, laying or backing selections that stand out.

Ratings are numerical measures that are an expected rating for each horse for the upcoming meeting. Prices are formulated by multiple factors including past performance, upcoming race conditions, trainer and jockey statistics and a range of other variables considered by our Analysts. They can be used for comparison to the actual Exchange market to help with identification of “value” runners that may present back or lay betting propositions looking at races individually.

NB: The Analysts best profiled runner is highlighted in grey. The ‘Value’ % is calculated looking at the difference in win probability based on the Analysts rated price v current exchange market price.

Ie. 20% win rated chance vs 12.5% win chance in the market is a 7.5% difference in winning chance.

Calculated by – (1 / model odds) – (1 / price)

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