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A twilight meeting at Geelong with the first of 8 races to kick off at 5.03pm. A good card of racing where I have found three races to provide an in-depth analysis on and a betting plan to come out on top.


Race 1 – 5.03pm

Race Map

Can be very hard to map a trot with so many in-experienced horses and manners will play such a critical part. The exposed gate speed is with those out wide in Cork and Oneoutofthesquare so would expect barring mistakes they will be the ones to be in front early.

Off the back row Jennysfavourite has drawn awkwardly inside the back row following a slow beginner so expect it to be eased off the gate and look to get into the running line early. Meydan is the extreme outside draw and its task will solely to balance up early and be put into the race when comfortable.

Race Summary

I think that Meydan is the best horse in the race and to simplify it if it trots it wins. But that’s the risk we take and also the reason why we will get on in black figures with plenty willing to take its manners on.

It looks to have loads of talent and has been in winning positions its last two starts only to make an error at a vital stage. So there are obvious risks attached here but I am keen to play. Dangers other than himself are Cork and Jennysfavourite along with Oneoutofthesquare who is making its debut for Andy Gath off a soft trial where not pushed. Interesting the early money has come for Captain Mccraw a maiden from 17 attempts, would be surprised if it won.

Betting Strategy

BACK (WIN) — Meydan to win at odds of $2.30 plus

Race 7 – 8.18pm

Race Map

Small field but confident that Fighting Fire will be finding the lead this time and thats the position he races best in. Gee Smith is first up and can be a bit risky early so dont expect him to be pushed to hold out Kate Gath on Fighting Fire and would be happy to take the sit leaders back.

Diamond Party can do work so it is likely to be the one leading up the outside horses at some point with Bettor Romance or Cheddar Valley looking to get cover on its back. Would expect that the leader will get at least one easy quarter early before the pace livens up.

Race Summary

Confident in my map and with Fighting Fire being already backed in the early markets it will give us a chance to back to lay the leader for a profit. Once it finds the top and gets an easy quarter its bound to shorten in market in play so take the opportunity to get an earn this way.

I am also taking on Cheddar Valley who was most disappointing last time and maybe best suited to leading which it will not get that chance today. I have a lot of time for Diamond Party as it can do work as well so give it a chance of still winning despite the map and have to respect Gee Smith with the anticipated soft run it will get.

Betting Strategy

BACK to LAY (WIN) — Fighting Fire to win at odds of $2 plus

LAY (WIN) — Cheddar Valley to win at odds of up to $8

Race 8 – 8.48pm

Race Map

Only the 6 runners here and very similar scenario to race 7 where I expect that the leader will be Trittrittbangbang and also think it will get an easy lead in the early portion of the race. Greg Sugars aboard will get every opportunity to dictate the speed of the race which then makes it hard for the others to run it down.

I do not see a lot of pressure in the race with Hawaiianbeach being first up and Whats Stanley Got usually a horse driven to come with one run late. Baltic Ace has the speed to hold the spot leaders back.

Race Summary

I am keen on Trittrittbangbang as just think the conditions suit it here and can lead all the way in a race that I anticipate will have at least one slow quarter which will enhance its chances. The small field will assist Whats Stanley Got who I respect but will still be very hard to run down the leader and Baltic Ace gets a soft run so needs to be respected.

I rate Hawaiianbeach and it has trialled well but just think first up against some fit quality opposition it may be a challenge for it and happy to take it on as a result. As stated, confident in my map so an opportunity will also play out for a back to lay scenario on the leader if you want to take that option.

Betting Strategy

BACK (WIN) — Trittrittbangbang to win at odds of $2 plus

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