Gruss Software Betting App

Gruss Software is arguably the most popular Third Party Betting tool in Australia. It’s recommended by hundreds of pro punters.

The features include one-click betting, real-time update of prices, triggered betting from an Excel spreadsheet and more!

Application Category: Trading, Automated Betting
Free Trial: 30 Days

Gruss Software Summary

Gruss Software offers one-click betting in the standard or ladder type interface and also the ability to link into Excel using pre-defined triggers to place bets. Betting Assistant deploys a wealth of functionality such as green-up, fill or kill, stop loss, dutch betting, coupon market view and more.

Gruss Software is a constantly evolving solution where the developers listen to the users and their needs. Users can communicate directly with the developers, make suggestions and exchange ideas on the Betting Assistant Forum.

Gruss Software Key Features

  • One-click betting
  • Fast refresh
  • Green up
  • Tick offset betting
  • Stop Loss
  • Fill or kill
  • Configurable grid interface
  • Configurable ladder interface
  • Custom grid columns
  • Excel triggered betting interface
  • COM interface (automate with VBA/VB.Net etc.)


To find out more and to sign up for a FREE 30 Day trial, head to the Gruss Software Website.

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