Gruss In-Play Opportunities

You like betting in-play.

And we want you to bet with an edge.

If you’re on the desktop or mobile app, and betting in-play on the ponies, you are at a significant disadvantage.

So we’re offering you GRUSS SOFTWARE FOR FREE.

This exclusive offer is only available for customers who have received the direct invitation from us.

Back to the offer… We know you’re good at what you do.

You’re like a Formula 3 driver in a Volkswagon. And we can see that you’re F1 material.

So we’re giving you the keys to Louie Hamilton’s Merc. Not an Alfa Romeo. But a Merc.

That’s what Gruss is. A very fast betting application that is simple to learn with functions like one click betting. And very effective for in-play betting.

So we’re giving you Gruss for FREE.

So continue reading and follow the simple steps to access 12 months of Gruss Betting Assistant.


  1.  Let’s download the latest version of Gruss Betting Assistant from the Gruss Software website.
  2. Then, start the application and login with your Betfair username and password for the automatic 30 day free trial
    • If you have already used your Gruss 30 day free trial then the ID should be displayed when you try to log in.
  3. Please email, by 5pm Friday 21st May, with your Gruss Customer ID (called GRUSSBA ID) so we can organise a free 12 month subscription. See the details below on how to find your Gruss Customer ID.
    • If you have downloaded the software, then you can see the ID by clicking on Subscription from the Menu in the software.
    • If you have already used your Gruss 30 day free trial then the ID should be displayed when you try to log in.

The Gruss Customer ID will be GRUSSBA followed by a number. Here’s a screenshot below of what should show up after you login and click on Subscription.


We Use Gruss

Here are two videos we think will give you a quick summary of why you want to upgrade your betting to Gruss:

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