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Application Category: Automated Betting
Free Trial: 7 Days
Last Updated: 10/11/2014

Automate up to 10 of your own betting systems with TheBetEngine. Run your own staking plans and banks with the independently-run systems that can be created from an extensive betting criteria.

TheBetEngine Summary

TheBetEngine is a sophisictaed, fully featured bot that allows users to automate up to 10 user-defined betting systems. Systems are run independently with their own staking plans and banks that can be created from an extensive set of betting criteria. Both automatic (system-generated selections) and manual (selections can be entered by hand or via an import file) systems are supported.


TheBetEngine Key Features

  • Horse Racing and Greyhound Racing
  • Impeccable customer support
  • Results database with export capability
  • Up to 10 independent betting systems running in parallel
  • 19 in-built staking plans for Backing
  • 17 in-built staking plans for Laying
  • Manual override of all system criteria on a per runner basis
  • E/W Betting avaibale on selected markets
  • Allows use of a virtual bank (one per system) to partition your real Betfair bank
  • Extensive filtering of races (race type, race distance, race class, surface type)
  • Extensive filtering of runners (no. of runners, odds, ranking, distances)
  • Extend the functionality of the core system via plugins
  • Extensive betting limits (profit target, stop loss, wins, losses, races, bets)
  • “Training” (test) mode
  • Supports both automatic and manual systems


To find out more and to sign up for a FREE 7 Day trial, head to the TheBetEngine Website.

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