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Application Category: Trading
Free Trial: 14 Days
Last Updated: 24/11/2015

Advanced Cymatic Trader is unique betting and trading software for Betfair, enabling the fastest possible bet placement and management.

Cymatic Trader Summary

Advance your trading to the next level with this fully featured, super fast trading software. Containing a range of unique features developed over a number of years, this intuitive software is designed for professional traders but is equally welcomed by novices.

Manage multiple markets simultaneously and perform one-click trading using customizable ladders or grids.  Greening, tick-offset, stop-loss and a range of other features are included, as you’d expect in a great low-latency trading app.

The Excel integration capability enables you to view real-time prices in Excel, trigger orders from Excel and even create your own fully automated trading robot!

The integrated advanced charting is capable of displaying candle-stick, bar or line charts, in various time frames, plus a huge range of technical analysis indicators.  Zooming, panning and drawing magnetic trend lines are all made easy.


Cymatic Trader Key Features

  • Automated Trading Robot
  • Super fast trading and real time Betfair prices
  • Grid Interface with single click trading, compact Betfair-style trading grid
  • Ladder Interface with full depth of market, single click trading, queue position (see below) and built-in robot
  • Excel Integration with view real-time prices in Excel
  • Multi-Market – Trade several different markets simultaneously
  • Tick Offset / Stop Loss – automatically sends an opposing bet, after you get matched, in order to take profit or restrict a loss
  • Racing Autopilot to automatically select each horse race and move forward
  • Greening with a single click to lock in your profit (or loss) regardless of the outcome
  • Customize – easily customize ladders and charts. Save unlimited layouts to files.


To find out more and to sign up for a FREE 14 Day trial, head to the Cymatic Trader Website.

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