Going Pro

Got a strategy, and looking for the best ways to implement it? Betfair makes API’s available to customers and software developers so that you can get the most out of the Exchange.

Betfair has a complete directory of third-party applications that have been designed by former Betfair customers and technical experts to provide customers with advanced functionality that isn’t native to the Betfair website.

These apps offer a wide range of additional features to improve your betting experience including:

  • Super fast price refreshes
  • One-click betting
  • Ladder trading
  • Dutching & charting
  • Automated & test betting
  • Free trials
  • And much more

There a range of betting applications that can be used for this advanced functionality. We’ve listed some of the major applications used by some of Australia’s most advanced customers below.

30 Day Free Trial
Traderline Logo

Bet Angel
14 Day Free Trial
Bet Angel

Racing Traders
7 Day Free Trial
Racing Traders Free Trail Subscription

Geeks Toy
14 Day Free Trial
Geeks Toy

14 Day Free Trial

BF Bot Manager
5 Day Free Trial

Cymatic Trader
14 Day Free Trial
Cymatic Trader Logo

7 Day Free Trial

Gruss Software
30 Day Free Trial
Gruss Betting Assistant

Market Feeder 
One Month Trial
market feeder pro logo

For the full directory of all betting applications used worldwide, head to the Betfair App Directory.