Deposits & Withdrawals

There are multiple options for you to deposit to, and withdraw from your Betfair Account. Please note, all deposits and withdrawals are conducted through your Main Wallet.

Deposits Withdrawals
Main Payment Methods Minimum Processing fees Minimum Processing fees More Info
 Visa $10 Instant Free* N/A Cards issued in Australia cannot be used for withdrawals N/A  Info
 Mastercard $10 Instant Free* N/A N/A  Info
 Poli $5 Instant Free N/A POLiTM  can only be used for funding your account N/A  Info
 Bpay $5 1-3 working days Free N/A 1-3 working days N/A  Info
 Bank Transfer $5 1-3 working days Free $20** 1-3 working days Free  Info
 NAB $5 1-3 working days*** Free $20** 1-3 working days Free  Info
 Credit Union Transfer $5 1-5 working days Free $20** 1-5 working days Free  Info
 Other Methods Info


We will reject all cheque deposits and payments sent by any person on your behalf. You will be liable for all costs incurred to return these funds.

* This only applies to all Australian and New Zealand currency credit cards. Other currencies may incur fees.

** NAB account holders depositing via internet banking may receive their funds within 1 hour if they have NAB SMS Security set up. Please click here to find more information from NAB SMS Security Set Up.

*** POLi™ will be processed subject to terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find my reference number for a bank transfer to NAB?

To find your reference, login to your account and choose ‘Direct Bank Transfer’ in the ‘Deposit’ screen. Above the bank details, it will be shown the 8 digit deposit reference which you need to enter in the reference/detail section of your bank transfer order.

Can I withdraw funds to my card?

No, cards issued in Australia cannot be used for withdrawals from your Betfair account. Any winning can be requested on an alternate payment method after some security checks.

How do I change or unregister my card?

If your bank has replaced your card and the card number is still the same, you can simply update the “Expiry date” (and “Start date” if required) by clicking on “Modify Card Details” in the card page. If your card number has changed, you will need firstly to unregister your old card, and then register the new card details by clicking on “Add Card Details”. Please note that you may be required to supply some documentation in order to unregister your old card.

Can I transfer money between accounts?

No, we are unable to move funds between accounts.

My card deposit has been declined, what do I do?

If you receive the message “transaction declined, please speak to your card issuer”, your bank has declined the transaction. Unfortunately your bank will never give a specific reason to Betfair for declining the transaction therefore we can only suggest you try an alternative card or payment method.

What does "net deposits" figure mean?

Net deposits are your total deposits on a payment method less your total withdrawals.

What is the security code (CVV2)?

The CVV2 number is the last three digits of the number displayed on the back of your debit/credit card. The image below shows you an example.

credit card

Can I register my card to more than one account?

No, you cannot register the same card to more than one account.

Why am I getting a request for manual authorisation on my card deposit?

On some occasions your bank/card issuer may ask for a deposit to be manually authorised. This could be due to one of the following reasons:

  • You have used your card several times in a short period.
  • Your requested deposit is significantly higher than your normal transaction amounts.

Can someone else make a deposit on my behalf to my Betfair account?

No, Betfair cannot accept deposits from third parties or persons other than the Betfair account holder, and will always attempt to identify such situations. If we do receive funds from third parties, we will reject the transactions.

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