Display Exchange prices in real-time and optimise your display to suit your needs as a trader. Geeks Toy allows Betfair customers to access the Exchange in a unique and flexible manner. Place, adjust and cancel your bets with a single click with your customised settings.

Not only is Geeks Toy a leading third party application, it is the third party application of choice among professional cricket and tennis traders.

Learn more about Third Party Applications and get all the information you need about the 2019 Cricket World Cup on the Betfair Hub.

  • Application Category: Trading
  • Free Trial: 14 Day
  • Last Updated: 10/11/2018

Geeks Toy Summary

Professional and occasional traders can benefit from Greeks Toy’s fully featured betting software. Launching in October 2009, Geeks Toy has since developed a diverse range of customisation features and efficiency improvements for traders to harness across Exchange markets around the world.

Geeks Toy’s free chat forum also provides Betfair traders with the ability to chat with other traders on a range of topics.

Geeks Toy Key Features

  • Real-time Betfair prices
  • Ladder interface
  • One click betting
  • Dutching functionality
  • Advanced market navigation
  • Practise Mode – use test money to develop your trading skills
  • In-play interface designed for fast moving racing markets


To find out more and to sign up for a FREE 14 Day trial, head to the Geeks Toy Website.

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