Gambling Harm Awareness Week 2018

From the 8th–14th October 2018 Betfair is participating in Gambling Harm Awareness Week.

The week is designed to encourage community discussions about why gambling harm matters.

Harm from gambling isn’t just about losing money. Gambling can affect self-esteem, relationships, physical and mental health, work performance and social life. It can harm not only the person who gambles but also family, friends, workplaces and communities.

Gambling harm is also often hidden and the impact is not spoken about because it can be sensitive or uncomfortable.

Key Messages

  • Gambling harm is often hidden and not spoken about because it can be a sensitive issue that makes people feel uncomfortable.
  • Gambling harm may seem small to begin with but it can escalate easily.
  • Anyone can experience harm from gambling but it’s not something we talk about openly.
  • When we talk about gambling harm as a community it makes it okay for those affected to reach out.
  • Talking is the first step in reducing gambling harm in our community.
  • Sharing the impact that gambling may be having on you, or those around you, makes it easier to tackle.
  • Supporting each other can make a difference – the best way to support someone is to listen to them.

For more information on Gambling Harm Awareness week, please visit Responsible Gambling Victoria.