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A newcomer shines and some old heads dominate!

The 2023 season of racing was a memorable one across all three codes, and Exchange punters had their experience taken to a new level with some major developments at Betfair.

On top of the ability to bet on exotics, Betfair provided unique mounting yard insights through Bella Anderson’s Saturday work, as well as comprehensive and multi-layered coverage of Group 1 racing across Thoroughbreds, Harness and Greyhounds.

Pleasingly, the top five performers for the year in terms of profit generated all covered different avenues. Victorian Harness, Victorian Thoroughbred Mounting Yard, South Australian Greyhounds, West Aussie trots and Group 1 Thoroughbred Feature Previews.

Bella Anderson’s unique Mounting Yard insights proved incredibly valuable, with her selections generating 72.5 units of profit for the year, with the highest percentage ROI for the 2023 calendar season.

“I was thrilled to join the Betfair team in 2023 and what a cracking year it was!,” Anderson said.

“Finding my edge through my “lays of the yard” was definitely the highlight.

“Not only due to the success but most importantly because it demonstrates the importance of mounting yard in supporting form and how crucial horse parade is.”

87% of Anderson’s lay bets were successful, but the majority of her profit (57 out of the 72 units) came from her best backs, with some excellent selections.

“My hopes for 2024 are to continue to grow mounting yard awareness and education as well as to lay plenty more losers,” Anderson added.

The Victorian Harness duo of Brett and Darren Carroll topped the list for units of profit with an impressive 87.7. This included a staggering 66% of best bets being successful, and 42% of all bets, as well as 84% of Lay Bets.

“We try to not get too hung up on the prices in early markets. The really hard part is finding a runner that you are confident will win, so let’s just worry about the odds closer to jump time,” Brett Carroll said.

“As far as finding winners, well it’s an inexact science pooling together a lot of information from a range of elements. Not in order & not exhaustive but form, trials, sectionals,  race maps & driver analysis the basic tools we use.” Carroll added.

Big time racing also brings out feature race previewer Dean Evans, with Evans looking at all Group 1s for the calendar year. Evans landed a 21 unit profit which was an excellent result given the quality of the fields assembled.

SA Greyhound expert Mark Lawrence and WA Harness guru Scott Hill both produced double figure profits.

Some new additions that turned minor profits in their infancy were the Tip Titans team and the daily Number Crunch article who provide different perspectives on racing and sport.

One thing that is also true in racing is that we all have our favourite tracks, and the stats showed that some were particularly profitable.

The best track anywhere in Australia for Thoroughbreds was Caulfield with a 77.5 unit profit, led by Anderson, Evans, Jackson Oldham and the Lay Back with Betfair team.

In the Greyhound domain it was Cannington in the West that was the most successful for Jaycin Campbell, providing great results.

In the Trots realm the three most profitable tracks were in three different stats with Kilmore, Gloucester Park and Globe Derby the most successful.

A full breakdown can be found below!

Stay tuned in 2024 for more developments, including the expanding of the Pros v Bookies concept, Lay Back with Betfair and our Top 5 predictor.

Other performances of note are:

-Linton Chataway with an impressive 45% total strike rate, including 80% of lays from the highest number of bets across all tipsters

-Kingsley Bartholomew with the shortest priced and second short priced lays of the year at $1.40 and $1.42 in our Pro Lays competition.

-Michael Tye with the highest Lay profit of the year, with 17.54 units from 233 bets.

-Eight tipsters made profits overall on both best bets and best lays for the year

-Jaycin Campbell for delivering two separate double figure lay streaks


Top  3 Tracks – Thoroughbred

Caulfield THO VIC 77.6
Strathalbyn THO SA 35.0
Pakenham THO VIC 25.0


Top  3 Tracks – Greyhounds

Cannington GRE WA 17.0
Shepparton GRE VIC 12.4
Hobart GRE TAS 8.7


Top 3 Tracks – Harness

Kilmore HAR VIC 31.3
Gloucester Park HAR WA 25.9
Globe Derby HAR SA 23.4




November’s tipster results are in and all three major racing codes have been recognised at the top!

The month saw the pinnacle of the Melbourne Spring Carnival at Flemington, as well as strong racing in NSW and the beginning of Perth’s summer program.

For the second straight month it was the NSW experts who led the way in Thoroughbreds, whilst a dominant Harness pair stood tall in the big time again.

An overall look at the numbers shows:

A strike rate across all bets of 39.6% (Level with October)

7 out of 12 lay bet tipsters securing more than 80% of those Lays.

The Top three in terms of profit for the month came from each of the three racing codes, which was pleasing when you consider they came from states that held Group 1 races during that calendar month.

Of particular note was the growth of Pros v Bookies, the twice weekly lay betting competition. The assembled crew of tipsters put up 51 lay tips for the month with a pleasing 75% of them successful.

The pick of the Thoroughbred punters was the returning Linton Chataway, who fresh from holiday, hit the ground running in outstanding fashion.

November in NSW was headlined by the Golden Eagle, as well as the Rosehill Gold Cup, and quality cards at Newcastle (The Hunter) and Kembla Grange (The Gong).

Chataway landed a whopping 59% of his bets overall, including 88% of lay bets and turned a profit of 18.02 Units.

This was the second best result of any tipster, behind Harness pair the Carroll’s, and the highest by a thoroughbred expert since May.

“It’s obviously very pleasing to return to good form very quickly,” Chataway said.

‘I think having a break can benefit everyone and it doesn’t need to be just because of a slump in your own betting form – resting the brain at any point even when betting well can be of benefit.” he added.

Not only did Chataway land 88% of lay Bets, his total of 25 lays was the most amongst Thoroughbred tipsters during November.

“The biggest point of difference with lay betting is that you may have a good understanding of a race and you still may have an opinion that there is 3 or 4 winning chances.

“Instead of trying to find the winner out of those 3 or 4 chances you can be against something with confidence and not need to worry about being able to find the winner to still profit in a race.” Chataway said.

As mentioned earlier, the best performed tipsters for the month were Victorian Harness duo Brett and Darren Carroll.

The Carroll’s strike rate was a staggering 67% on all bets, including 90% on lays and 59% on best backs. The 26.31 unit profit was one of the higher monthly levels of the year.

The Breeders Crown and Inter Dominion Heats fired up making the results all the more pleasing, but Brett Carroll spoke about the standard of racing not changing the focus.

“Breeders Crown/Inter Dom don’t usually impact our methods at all really, but I must say we always keep an eye out for horses running in higher class than accustomed to & how they cope with that class rise,” he said.

“Horses seem to benefit from being pushed to a speed/tempo level they probably didn’t realise they had, so when they drop back to their regular ratings races they are usually well worth a bet.”

Carroll also reflected on their 67% strike rate, equating to 2 out of every 3 bets being successful.

“We try to not get too hung up on the prices in early markets. The really hard part is finding a runner that you are confident will win, so let’s just worry about the odds closer to jump time.

“The markets can move for all sorts of reasons & the Betfair product obviously pushes the mkt % down closer to the jump, so we find we can get set at an appealing price most of the time.” He added.

“As far as finding winners, well it’s an inexact science pooling together a lot of information from a range of elements. Not in order & not exhaustive but form, trials, sectionals,  racemaps & driver analysis the basic tools we use.”

Victorian Greyhound expert Michael Tye ranked third with a 9.5 unit profit, which coincided with running of the Bold Trease and Melbourne Cup features at Sandown.

Michael also owned the third best BSP back of the month!



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