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Spanning nine months and 380 games, the English Premier League is one of the most popular sports leagues in the world. With so many games in the season the opportunity for numerous betting advantages increases.

Developing an informed and reliable system to punt on an equalised and fickle competition like the Premier League is difficult for anyone. The more assistance available, both fundamental and in-depth, the greater likelihood that we can bridge the gap between predictability and unpredictability.

We are determined to continue finding innovative and knowledgeable sources to grow our Betting Better pages and improve the educational service The Hub is here to provide.

Betfair Products And Resources

Football Form Labs

Form Labs was formed 10 years ago to answer the growing demand of bettors who wished to access reliable and up to date information that would assist them with their betting decisions. Keep an eye on The Hub each week for Form Labs expert tips and analysis for every match of the English Premier League in Season 2017/18.

External Products And Resources

Prominent Twitter Handles – Statistics

@premierleague – The official Twitter page of the English Premier League, featuring important news and analysis.

@OptaJoe  The official Twitter page for Opta Sports’ football coverage. OptaJoe provides stats and insight from most divisions in the English Football pyramid, with a larger focus on the Premier League.

@OptusSport – The official account of the rights broadcaster in Australia. A great handle to keep up to date with upcoming games and results.

@WhoScored  Another stats based account, Who Scored provide statistics and rankings for all the major leagues around the world.

@TheWorldGame  The number one destination for Football fans in Australia. SBS’s The World Game.

Prominent Twitter Handles – News and Views

@BBCSport – BBC Sport, Official Twitter feed for BBC Sport coverage. Not fully devoted to football but it gets the most attention.

@MirrorFootball – The Mirror Football, Official feed for The Mirror Newspaper’s Football coverage.

@henrywinter – Henry Winter, Chief Football Writer for The Times

@TeleFootball – Telegraph Football, Official feed for The Telegraph Newspaper’s Football coverage.

@SamWallaceTel – Sam Wallace, Chief Football Writer for The Daily and Sunday Telegraph Newspapers

@stighefootball – Sam Tighe, Journalist at The Bleacher Report with a major focus on tactics.

@RichJolly – Richard Jolly, Writer for a number of organisations mainly covering the northwest of England.

Prominent Websites

Premier League

The official website of the Premier League. premierleague.com includes news, match previews, stats and video content focusing on all 20 clubs.


Statbunker offers many statistics on all the main European leagues and for most of them the stats cover the last 10 or more years. For each league there are available stats on goals, results, cards, penalties and many others. All the stats are presented in table form and can be ordered by any field.

Acca Stats

Accastats is not a traditional website on football statistics but is more focused on aggregating stats to provide matches which are more likely to generate some specific outcome. For example it is possible to sort all the upcoming fixtures by the probability of a home win or a number of goals scored.

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