Devonport Ratings: Sunday July 16th 2017

Track & Weather

Forecast: Mostly sunny on Sunday with a top of 13c. The wind won’t be a factor

Rail: Mostly fine on Sunday with a top of 14c. Some rain is expected but not until well after the meeting.

Expected going: True

Pattern: Expect the track to race evenly, the fence and just off should be good. Those on lead or just off are likely to be best suited.

R1 | 1350m | 12:05pm

Pace & Map: Even – Cyclone Jess looks to get easy control, but can run along a bit. The pace will come down to how she’s rated.

Comment: Lord Farquaad has consistently good figures from recent runs at this track and in the small field will be in touch with the leader Cyclone Jess turning for home. His late strength can be the decisive factor.

Runner Rated Price
1. Magnasa $10.00
2. Lord Farquaad $2.40
3. Minute Repeater $10.00
4. Ultimate Doom $26.00
5. Gallow Gate $9.00
6. Cyclone Jess $4.00

Betting Strategy

 BACK (WIN) Lord Farquaad

R2 | 1350m | 12:40pm

Pace & Map: Looks above average, but some of that is contributed to by the emergencies, who may or may not get a run.

Comment: A tricky race with plenty of queries. Purple Rider brings the best figures, but is likely to be a long way back, which we’re not keen on at this track. Trophy Legs has solid form / rating credentials but first go this track. I Am The Dude is an interesting runner first start from Victoria.

Runner Rated Price
1. Fought For $31.00
2. Hot Chisel $26.00
3. I Am The Dude $6.50
4. Purple Rider $4.40
5. Dawns Flag $100.00
6. Om Nom $8.00
7. Sorturo $31.00
8. Trophy Legs $4.60
9. Gee Gees Saint Nik $31.00
10. Fiveandfurther $41.00
11. Reggiano $101.00
12. The Grey Crusader $101.00
13. King Of Saigon $14.00
14. Victory Medal $81.00

Betting Strategy

Uncertain here. If the track was giving those from the back a chance then Purple Rider would be shorter and a potential bet, but that will be difficult to ascertain after just one race.

R3 | 1000m | 1:15pm

Pace & Map: Average – Whohoo (4) and Bonjour Belle (9) look the likely speed.

Comment: Difficult to price them accurately here with so much uncertainty, so look to the better market for some guide. Duperrey looks the bet, but his trial form is so well exposed that he’s unlikely to offer a big edge.

Runner Rated Price
1. Belrock Boy $41.00
2. Duperrey $3.00
3. Reggiano $21.00
4. Bonjour Belle $6.00
5. Drinks At Rosies $15.00
6. Little Suzie $21.00
7. Mosh Opera $34.00
8. Party Planner $8.00
9. Woohoo $16.00
10. Gee Gees Cricket $41.00
11. Gwenville $201.00
12. Jayemara $51.00
13. Koppar Beauty $21.00
14. Miss Tylly $67.00

Betting Strategy

Difficult to price them accurately here with so much uncertainty, so look to the better market for some guide. Duperrey looks the bet, but his trial form is so well exposed that he’s unlikely to offer a big edge.

R4 | 1150m | 1:55pm

Pace & Map: Average or better. Ariconte (10) has speed and is drawn wide, with a few others inside likely to kick up.

Comment: Happy Halloween brings solid consistent ratings, a last start win at this track and distance, along with a positive on-speed run style, which is well suited here. He looks the standout best prospect here.

Runner Rated Price
1. Happy Halloween $2.50
2. Leconte $31.00
3. Rougeau $26.00
4. Bedrock Dreams $4.50
5. Into The Night $41.00
6. Ariconte $21.00
7. Ty Dash $11.00
8. Black Hills $67.00
9. Giselles Girl $26.00
10. Anyways Rosie $10.00
11. Please Dance $501.00

Betting Strategy

BACK (WIN) Happy Halloween

R5 | 1150m | 2:30pm

Pace & Map: Above Average. Kyogle Son (9), Gee Gee Rich Ruby (7), Hussons Kiss (10) all have some early speed and will have to run along early to cross and establish their positions.

Comment: Khutun was solid enough first up on Heavy last start and can improve significantly towards some better figures that can win this race. The 1150m isn’t ideal, but the prospect of strong speed up front and a significant jockey change to D Pires create appeal. Gee Gee Royal Miss was just fair first up but is another than can show sharp improvement here towards her general level of form that can win this.

Runner Rated Price
1. Kyogle Son $7.00
2. Pistol Jack $12.00
3. Silver Reset $51.00
4. Hussons Kiss $10.00
5. Khatun $4.00
6. Divine Strategy $18.00
7. Gee Gee Royal Miss $5.50
8. Irish John $101.00
9. Gee Gee Rich Ruby $16.00
10. Aint The Whisky $21.00
11. Sugar Free $61.00
12. Sunset Party $41.00
13. Parisian Lush $201.00
14. Kirribilli Kid $151.00

Betting Strategy

BACK (WIN) Khatun / Gee Gee Royal Miss


R6 | 1600m | 2:15pm

Pace & Map: Average – small field but there looks to be enough action to create some speed here through Jacques (3), Jerrazz (6) and possibly Time Commands (7)

 Comment: There’s plenty of chances in this small field, but Tambros Game appeals most off the back of her last three runs at this track, including a last start win, all of which returned ratings up to winning this race. She looks to get an ideal run just behind the lead.

Runner Rated Price
1. The Master Speed $16.00
2. Trusted Warrior $6.00
3. Ollys A Star $26.00
4. Zatacla $5.50
5. Time Commands $6.50
6. Jacques $8.50
7. Jerrazz $51.00
8. Tambros Game $4.00

Betting Strategy

BACK (WIN) Tambros Game

R7 | 1150m | 3:42pm

Pace & Map: Average – My Paige Three (6), Steel Moon (1) can be up there. The eventual pace / pressure may come down to how aggressively Wanaea (12) is ridden first up.

Comment: A very open race, with one of more factors about each of the chances that detracts from their betting appeal.

Runner Rated Price
1. Powercharged $31.00
2. Geegees Baritone $26.00
3. Sound Bar $31.00
4. Steel Moon $9.00
5. Vandermeer $31.00
6. My Paige Three $14.00
7. Erins Element $26.00
8. Killin Falls $6.50
9. Le Bel Opera $51.00
10. Merricks Beauty $4.00
11. Wanaea $18.00
12. Underplay $21.00
13. Kings Spirit $7.50

Betting Strategy


R8 | 1650m | 4:17pm

Pace & Map: Average – Dalehill (4) and Bidirectional (6) look the most likely to be up on the lead with plenty behind them that like to hold handy positions.

Comment: Another very open race to close the meeting. Spihro brings compelling form / ratings for this, but cops a big negative jockey change here to a very inexperienced 4kg claimer. That’s hard to like from a betting perspective. Barjeel is another that appeal on form, but will be a long way back and assuming a track that favours those closer to the lead, we couldn’t back him. Geegees Classicboy doesn’t bring form as strong but will at least be more prominent in the run.

Runner Rated Price
1. Spihro $6.00
2. Barjeel $7.00
3. Geegees Classicboy $5.00
4. Kool Kash $21.00
5. Bidirectional $18.00
6. Banca Dream $8.00
7. Mulleys Idol $11.00
8. Storm Gust $67.00
9. Kryptonian $14.00
10. Flying Geepee $12.00
11. Dalehill $34.00


Betting Strategy

Perhaps Geegees Classic boy if the price seems big. If the track has been giving those near the rear a good chance to get home then not keen to bet.