Democratic Nominee Odds: Expert Insight and Tips

Renowned political author Paul Krishnamurty is providing regular analysis on Democratic Nominee odds for the Betfair Hub.

Krishnamurty, aka The Political Gambler, has been betting on elections for over a decade. A politics graduate from the University of Hull, he also works as the chief political analyst for Betfair UK and will be breaking down his approach to US Election odds on a range of markets, including Democratic nominee, Democratic VP nominee and whether Donald Trump will see out his term as President.

Articles and tips

This page focuses solely on the Democratic side of the 2020 US Election. In the below articles, you will find Krishnamurty’s analysis and tips into Democratic presidential nominee, how these potential nominees will stack up against Donald Trump in the presidential race and regular updates on the Democratic VP nominee candidates and their odds.

further democratic nominee odds insight

Peter Webb is the founder of Bet Angel, the most popular third-party tool among Betfair Australia customers, and has been collecting US Election and Democratic nominee odds data since the 2004 presidential election. He chatted with Betfair Australia about Trump’s victory in 2016 and how it might be best to trade the 2020 US Election’s many markets.

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