Trading on Betfair: Opportunities in Cricket

Cricket Trading on Betfair is one of the fastest ways you can learn how the Exchange works and how to use Third Party Tools.

Cricket is one of the best sports to bet and trade on. Sports with higher scores (think cricket vs soccer) are much more conducive to trading. Whether it’s T20 cricket or traditional Test matches, there are constant opportunities to move in and out of betting positions.

In this article, we discuss some recent matches which provided major trading opportunities and how you could’ve taken advantage.

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The Basics of Cricket Trading

Cricket is one of the most volatile sports on the Betfair Exchange. One wicket or boundary can completely change the odds, giving great opportunities to trade.

On the Betfair Hub, we have a range of articles discussing trading on Cricket. From the basics to recommended tools, specific strategies for T20 and Tests and where to find value.

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BBL 08 Final

The BBL 08 Final was one of the biggest comebacks in T20 History. The Stars were chasing 146 after a brilliant bowling display. After quickly getting themselves to 0-93 after 13 overs, it was an extraordinary collapse and due to the nature of momentum in T20, the Betfair market reacted very quickly.

The Stars traded at a low of $1.04 and the Renegades were at a high of $21.

When the market started to shift, if you had Backed the Renegades at $15 and then Layed at $10, you could have locked in some profit with plenty of overs left in the game.

The opportunity to lay the Stars during the game, who sat at sub $1.50 for the majority of the final was large and plenty of layers were able to get a great reward for their low risk.

3rd Ashes Test - Headingley

The recent Ashes Test provided many opportunities for cricket traders but none more so than the famous 3rd Test at Headingley.

Australia lost the unlosable. The Betfair market however never had Australia as a $1.01 chance, trading at a low of $1.02. England needed 76 runs to win with Stokes and Leach in the middle and they slowly chased their way to victory.

The opportunity to lay Australia was a big one. It was the 4th day so it was not going to be a draw and with Stokes present at the crease, England had a batsman capable of taking them to the end. Those that recognised early that England’s chance of winning the game was better than the odds on the Exchange were rewarded for trading.

Third Party Tools

There’s a range of Third-Party Tools you can use to trade on the cricket. All of these pages contain free trials so you can dive in for yourself and see which one suits you.

However, there are some main tools we recommend for not just trading on cricket but for sport and racing as well:

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