The Chilling With Charlie Podcast shares insight from the world of sports analytics. Betfair Australia is a proud sponsor.

Robert Nguyen is the author of Analysis of AFL and co-creator of the R data package fitzRoy which is recommended and used by everyone in AFL Modelling.

Join Robert Nguyen for one-on-one interviews with some of Australia’s best analytical minds.

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Latest Episodes

Episode 10 – Ron Yurko

Ron is a PhD student at CMU, you might better know him as the writer of the first fully reproducible player offensive ratings NFLWAR and his great work keeping nflscrapR alive.

Episode 9 – Damien Gattuso

Damien is currently the data coordinator at the Collingwood Football Club. Previously he has worked for the Casey Demons and has presented his work on cohesion at the Maths in Sport Conference 2018.

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