Minimum Amount – $5

Processing Time – 1-3 working days

Fees – FREE

BPAY can only be used for depositing into your Betfair account

To deposit funds

IMPORTANT: NO CHEQUES or 3rd PARTY PAYMENTS – We will reject all cheque deposits and payments sent by any person on your behalf. You will be liable for all costs incurred to return these funds.

Please note that BPAY payments can only be made if you betfair account is denominated in Australian dollars.

Please quote your Betfair BPAY Customer Reference Number in the reference/detail section provided by your bank. To obtain your unique Betfair BPAY Customer Reference Number log into your Betfair Account. Once logged in make the following selections My Account>>Deposit Funds into Betfair>>Direct Bank Transfer and BPAY. Your Betfair Biller Code and Unique Reference is displayed.

Telephone & Internet Banking – BPAY

Contact your bank or financial institution to make this payment from your savings. For more information on BPAY please see www.bpay.com.au
Please ensure that when you process a BPAY transfer through Internet or telephone banking, make sure you correctly enter your own unique Betfair BPAY Customer Reference NumberPlease retain a copy of any receipts as they may be required to identify your funds. Failure to do so may result in lengthy delays.