AFL Betting: 10 Strategies To Specialise In

Casually placing a bet before the first bounce is not going to reward you in the long term. If you want to make money on AFL you need to be calculated. Narrow your focus and specialise in one or two niches within the national game.

AFL Betting – Season of Swing 2017

Is this the most compelling AFL season of all-time? There is certainly a case to be made and notably, the betting exchange would agree.

NRL Betting Strategy – Dividing The Season

One critical element to having success as an NRL punter is identifying that all rounds of the season are not the same.

NRL Betting Strategy – Close Games

The single best indicator of how a team will perform from one year to the next, or the direction a team will likely move on the ladder, is how the results go in close games.

AFL Betting: How To Create A Team Rating Model

The majority of bookmakers and professional punters use ratings systems. They’re most commonly applied to horse racing. However, ratings are just as relevant to sporting models, including AFL. There are different ways to create a rating, and certainly different variables to consider. For example, a player rating model gives every single player a value and

How To Find Value AFL Futures: Premiership

If futures betting isn’t your forte, it soon will be. The opportunities are undeniable and the nature of Betfair’s trading platform make it easier than anywhere else!

AFL Betting: Trends That Predict A Team’s Performance

When you’re trying to determine a team’s chances of winning a particular match, there is an overwhelming amount of variables to consider. However, some factors are more important than others. Let’s take a look at the biggest influences that your manual or automated models need to consider.

Variables in MLB When Handicapping

The only thing that is identical between the 32 major league baseball stadiums is the distances between bases and the pitcher’s mound. The beauty of MLB, there is so many variables to find an edge.

Key Stats To Consider When Modelling MLB

There are hundreds of stats available for each individual MLB player or team regarding hitting, fielding and pitching. We will discuss some of the more common ones here.

Favourite and Longshot Bias

In his latest education piece for The Hub, pro punter Jack Houghton explores the theory around Favourite and Longshot Bias and its existence.