AFL Betting – Season of Swing 2017

Is this the most compelling AFL season of all-time? There is certainly a case to be made and notably, the betting exchange would agree.

Psychology Of Betting – Overconfidence

In the latest instalment of the Psychology of Betting series, the effects of overconfidence and how best to avoid the downfalls are explored.

Psychology Of Betting – Financial Abstraction

Elsewhere on this site, we have learned that mindlessly accepting the authority of others can have disastrous consequences on our betting, and that we need to constantly monitor when we might be doing it, because Stanley Milgram’s experiments, first carried out in the 1960s, showed that we are cognitively hard-wired to blindly follow whatever someone

AFL Betting: Betfair Market Liquidity

The Season So Far – Round 1-15 It’s a marathon, not a sprint. A quote often used by former coaching legend Mick Malthouse to describe the pursuit of an AFL premiership, the 2017 season is particular proof that the pinnacle of the sport is a heralded position reserved for the true stayers. Last season’s Grand

NRL Betting Strategy | Total Points Betting

Total Points betting is the most popular ‘side’ market in NRL betting but it is one that is played stronger by sharp punters and weaker by Joe Average.

Greyhound Education: Top Trainers and Converting City & Country Form

Top Trainers Most greyhound followers generally know the best trainers state to state, and with good

How To Build a ‘Bot’ without knowing Code

Make money while you sleep. It isn’t as far fetched as you’d think. There’s thousands of Betfair members whose primary income is derived from automated trading algorithms.

Greyhound Education – Greyhound Habits v Competitor Habits

One of the most important aspects of being a successful greyhound punter is studying race replays, often the same race over and over again and studying each runner.

Greyhound Education – Early Speed

Out of the three racing codes, early speed at the start of the race is by far the most important in greyhound racing.

NRL Betting: Five Betting Trends To Follow

Astute punters will recognise the importance of following long-term betting trends even if the angles don’t look overly appealing from a visual perspective. Here are five non-team specific betting trends to follow...