Betting Landscape

Pro Punter Nathan Snow discusses in this education piece the dramatic change to the industry in the past 25 years and reveals why '"here has never been a better time" to be a small to medium sized punter than right now.

Matt Barker’s Betting Strategy

Professional trader Matt Barker discusses his journey to become a full time sports trader how he he no longer "enjoys'' cricket, a game he has played from a young age.

Cricket Trading Basics

Matt Barker of The Pro Sports Syndicate highlights why cricket is an exceptional sport to trade on. He uses The Ashes to demonstrate an example.

Is Betting a Question of Skill or Luck? Part 5

In the final installment, we round off the series by examining other strategies that can help mitigate the impact of the paradox of skill.

Is Betting a Question of Skill or Luck? Part 4

In the last article, we concluded that, even if the paradox of skill is applicable to betting markets, we should embrace it, because, in the long-run, provided we approach our betting skilfully, it does not prohibit us from making a profit.

Is Betting a Question of Skill or Luck? Part 3

In Part 3 of the Is Betting a Question of Skill or Luck? series, we look at some of the reasons why increasing our skill as punters is still crucial and why we should still be optimistic about our improving skill returning a profit.

Is Betting a Question of Skill or Luck? Part 2

Last time we looked at the relative absence of skill in several areas, ranging from wine tasters and psychologists, to financial advisors and tipsters. We were left questioning whether skill exists in betting. After all, if self-pronounced experts like tipsters are unable to show profitable betting records, then how can recreational punters make it pay?

Is Betting a Question of Skill or Luck? Part 1

In this latest education series, professional punter Jack Houghton asks the question, "Is Betting a Question of Skill or Luck?"

Level Staking

There are problems with the Kelly Criterion and other proportional staking systems. This article details the advantages if Level Staking and how to best use it.

The Promo Arber’s Betting Strategy

Nick is a 22 year-old Engineering Student from Queensland who is taking on the Bookies by Promo Arbing the mountain of Bonus Bets he receives. Find out how he does it here...