Psychology of Betting – Illusion of Control

Psychology of Betting – Illusion of Control   Superstition and sport seem inseparable.  Whether it is Steve Waugh carrying his grandfather’s red hanky in his pocket, Tony Lockett refusing to part with his lucky Adidas kitbag, or David Campese insisting that he was always the last player to run on to the pitch, sport is

Psychology of Betting – Illusion of Knowledge

Psychology of Betting – Illusion of Knowledge   In 2015, Atir and Dunning, researchers at Cornell University, ran a series of experiments to investigate the phenomenon of “overclaiming”: the propensity of humans to believe they have knowledge of things that are false. In one of the experiments, the researchers asked those who perceived themselves experts

Psychology of Betting – Embrace the past and the future

    Go on to YouTube and type in “Marshmallow Experiment”.  Ask yourself whether, if you had been the kid offered the choice of a marshmallow now, or two later, you would have been able to resist temptation long enough to win the bigger prize. The now-famous Stanford Marshmallow Experiment was first carried out by

Level Staking

Elsewhere on this site we have outlined the advantages of a staking system known as the Kelly Criterion: a method by which you increase and decrease your stake according to how “wrong” you think the odds are. So, if you are offered odds of $2.60 on an even-money shot, you would only have a small

Avoiding Performance Illusions

'When it comes to racing, whether it be horse or any other, the universal question that is asked everyday by millions is: ‘How fast can they go?’

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The Importance of Jockeys

Leading horse racing software and database provider Ratings2Win look at the importance the jockey plays in a race and and highlights what you should look for in a jockey before placing a bet.

Kelly Criterion

Determining how much you stake on a wager is a crucial consideration for successful punters. The Kelly Criterion is a staking method well known across wagering and investment professionals which should be known and considered by all Betfair punters.

Winning Expectations & Staking

Leading horse racing software and database provider, Ratings2Win, provide some fundamental insights into understanding winning expectations and staking for Betfair racing punters.