Betfair Trading Software For Australian Customers

We’ve teamed up with one of the world’s leading educational Betfair traders, Caan Berry, to provide you with a comprehensive how to guide.

In this addition to his series, he dives into why third party betting tools are a must for any serious trader.

This article explains why, whilst showing you how and where to get started with Betfair Trading software.

For more on Caan Berry, check out his website HERE.

What is Betfair Trading Software?

Not everyone is aware, but there are multiple ways to place your bets via Betfair Australia.

Aside from the traditional Betfair website there is option to place bets with a selection of third party tools. These software tools link into Betfair exchange’s independently, allowing you extra features and information.

In short, this means you’re able to analyse market behaviour in great detail and, perhaps more importantly – place your bets faster.

It may look a little confusing at first but don’t panic, all trading software’s mentioned come with a comprehensive user manual.

How Trading Software Can Help You

There are two main reasons that exchange pro’s use software:

  • Speed
  • Information

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise – successful betting is all about price.

You have to get the value, but rarely are you alone. By using Betfair’s software tools you’re able to place bets directly on to the exchange with a single click.

Just imagine; a horse is misbehaving on stalls entry, its throw jockey off and quite unsettled.

The price will almost certainly drift. But who’s going to lay it first? Software users often pick up the value in this respect.

Speed and one-click betting isn’t the only benefit though. Having a selection of streaming charts and comparable prices, updating every 200 milliseconds gives you a deeper look at market activity. You can see quite clearly what’s being backed and where.

It doesn’t matter which sport you’re betting or trading on either.

Similarly, imagine this: you’re watching the betting market, live through your trading software. Suddenly a section is repeatedly bet for large sums of money (shown through streaming charts).

Would you have noticed this gamble so soon elsewhere? It’s extremely unlikely. Trading software is the at the forefront of market changes.

Software Attributes

As with any software application, it takes a little while to get to grips with the features on offer. This is only a minor downside though as nearly all of the third party apps come with a 14 day free trial.

You can download a trial via the links at the bottom of this article for both Gruss and Geeks Toy.

Both software’s include the following features:

  • One-click betting (including cancellation)
  • Live data streaming (200ms)
  • Ladder and grid interfaces
  • Streaming charts (multiple formats)
  • Customisable interfaces (to fit specific trading styles)
  • Full market depth, including traded volume

You can also set up automated rules and triggers with some of the Betfair Trading software’s. Personally I use A Geeks Toy Pro, a manual trading tool. However, Gruss Betting Assistant would be my next choice. With Gruss you have the option for automation and excel integration.

Live Indicators

Identifying extreme market activity is a great way to gain an edge in any market.

Betfair’s exchange gives you the option to analyse historic price activity. However, there’s a problem. These charts don’t have time-stamps, they update every 30 seconds and they don’t effectively highlight the biases in betting volume.

This is where trading software comes into its own.

To explain the image above:

  • Pink column is unmatched lay money
  • Grey column is Betfair Exchange price
  • Blue column is unmatched back money
  • Green bars shows traded volume at that price
  • Dark green bars shows traded volume in the last 40 seconds at that price

To the right is the Betfair price chart.

So in the interest of clarity – there has been $455 worth of bets matched at 9.8, the price is currently trading between 11.5 and 12.0.

Note: this information has not yet been updated on the Betfair chart.

However, within the Geeks Toy interface you can see quite clearly that; the price is continuing to drift. Additional betting volume has matched in the last 40 seconds, pushing the price out further…

Needless to say, the price continued to drift north of 13.0 after this snapshot was taken.

Hopefully this highlights why savvy bettors use a trading application!

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