Betfair Live: Inside The Exchange

We are tremendously excited to bring you Betfair Live.

This analytical tool, exclusive to Australian and New Zealand customers, visualises the dynamic nature of Betfair markets. It will help Betfair customers make better informed decisions on their betting journey.

The User Interface (UI) displays additional metrics and charting tools than what is currently available on Betfair’s Desktop and Mobile channels.

Make sure you bookmark Betfair Live for future use. Access Betfair Live here.

who is it for?

Racing punters can use the Fluctuation Charts to know whether a horse is drifting or shortening. Helping you identify supported runners, or letting you determine the best time to enter the market for your preferred selection.

Smart punters that are looking to identify market trends, can make informed betting decisions using Betfair Live.

Are you familiar with candlestick charting? You can use Betfair Live like any Exchange market. Imagine trading horse races like a FOREX market.

Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about these uniquely powerful features.

Detailed Runner Metrics

In line Exchange data metrics for each runner provides you with another level of data that isn’t easily viewable on the Exchange website.

Price Fluctuation Charts

Identify price movements for every runner on the one screen.

You can switch between viewing traded price and weighted average price.

Candlestick Price and Volume Graphs

Detailed charting of price movements and traded volumes for every runner.

Users can “pop out” the graphs and drag across multiple screens for closer analysis.

Weight of Money (WOM)

Quickly identify if the weight of money is on the back side or lay side for each runner to predict price movements.

Race Schedule Filter

Flexibility to monitor markets by thoroughbred, harness or greyhound racing and filter races by state.

Market Deep linking

Click on any Back, Lay or BSP price and be directed to the Exchange market and place your bet.

Betfair ANZ Single Sign On (SSO)

Access Betfair Live by using your Betfair login credentials. If you are already logged in to the Exchange, then you will automatically be logged into Betfair Live.

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