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The full-time analysts at TPSS do all of the number crunching and arm you with the exact same high quality selections that they put on themselves, removing all of the hard work of tipping with a proven edge.

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Cricket Trading Basics

Matt Barker of The Pro Sports Syndicate highlights why cricket is an exceptional sport to trade on. He uses The Ashes to demonstrate an example.

Soccer Betting: Risk of Ruin

A few weeks ago we received an email advertising a tipster with the title ‘Exploding the Myth: Maki

Professional Cricket Trader: Tools & Setup

The Pro Sports Syndicate's Matt Barker shows us how pro cricket traders are set up at home. What software and hardware do they use?

Test Match Strategies

Test match cricket is a great sport to trade. Matt Barker of The Pro Sports Syndicate gives you some strategies to get started.

Soccer Betting: The Impact of the International Break and How to Profit

The International break means two weeks off for the major European leagues. Some welcome it, while others despise it. There is a theory that clubs tend to underperform after the interruption of an international break during the domestic season, the 'FIFA virus' as it is called in Spain. The key causes thought to be exhaustion, fatigue and injury to players (or just general disruption). However, is the 'FIFA virus' just a myth?