AFL and NRL Commission Charges

The Market Base Rate (MBR) for AFL and NRL has been cut to 2.5%.

Betfair is pleased to announce that following the reduction of the Market Base Rate (MBR) from 5% to 2.5% for the previous 4 Rounds of both the AFL and NRL seasons, all markets across both competitions will remain at an MBR of 2.5%. This change also applies to future markets.

Australia’s two favourite footy codes are now Betfair’s cheapest products to bet on and represent arguably the lowest take out rates across the industry. Go Where the Value is. Winners Welcome.

What is an MBR?

Each market that you bet on has an MBR. This rate is the maximum percentage of your winnings that you will pay in commission. To find out what the MBR is for a market, simply click on the “Rules” section of the market you wish to place a bet on to find it or view the below chart.

Betfair commission is automatically removed from your winnings when the market is settled.

More Information?

  • If you’d like to find out more details on MBRs, click here.
  • Want advice on discount rates, click here.

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