Pago Pago Stakes Betting Odds

The Pago Pago Stakes is a Group 2 horse race for the Australian thoroughbred horses aged 2 years and above. The weight of the horses is fixed as per their age. The race is run over a distance of 1200m. It attracts a fine number of well-known horses and jockeys of the Group2 category and is one the sought after events in this section of Australian races. It is organized annually at the Rosehill racecourse, Sydney, Australia every March or April. This racecourse sees many events of Group1, Group2 and Group3 categories. The 2008 version of the race saw attractive prize money of $141,200.

The 2008 race was held on the 12th of April at the Rosehill racecourse. The winner was the horse named Sidereus and the jockey was L V Cassidy. The well-known A J Cummings trained Sidereus.

The race has been conducted from the year 1978 when it was a Principal race. From 1979 it became a Group3 race till 1986 after which it has ever since been a Group2 race. The distance of the race has always been 1200m or 1.2km. Some of the notable horses that have won this event are

1998 Paris Dream

1996 Babu's Boy

2001 Red Hannigan

2006 Tarleton

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