Hollindale Stakes Betting Odds

The Hollindale Stakes are held in the late spring each year on the Australian Gold Coast. Normally, the race is conducted in early May. The Hollindale Stakes are rapidly becoming one of the most popular horse racing events held on the continent during the course of any given year. Indeed, the race is attracting not only participants from across the continent but also from foreign destinations as well, including New Zealand. This trend towards international participation is expected to carry forth into the future.

The most recent Hollindale Stakes was won by a five year old called Scenic Shot. While not favored to win prior to the event, Scenic Shot proved far too good for the competition on the turf. Scenic Shot had won some other races prior to taking the Hollindale Stakes in 2008. Other winning horses rounded out the field in 2008 which will also be the case in 2009 and in future years, according to racing insiders.

The 2009 and future Hollindale Stakes are expected to garner even greater coverage and attraction into the future as the competition becomes more intense and as the purse associated with the race increases even further that was awarded in prior years.

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