Futurity Stakes Betting Odds

Futurity Stakes Betting

The first Futurity Stakes in Australia took place in 1897. From the initial inception of the race in 1897 to 1972 the race was 7 furlongs in length. This is approximately 1400 meters. In 1979 it was increased to 1800 meters then dropped down to 1600 meters in 2006. This was to make it approximately 1 mile in length to accommodate its position as the first leg in the Asian Mile Challenge.

The Faturity Stakes race is an annual race held on the Caulfield Racecourse which is located in Melbourne Australia. Many racing pundits regard this as one of the top races in the annual Melbourne Autumn Racing Carnival. It has become the first race of the Asian Mile Challenge series in Australia. To accommodate this, the distance was officially changed to 1600 meters which is approximately 1 mile. The Futurity Stakes is a Group 1 race based on weight for age thoroughbred horses. This means that it has a high payout and attracts some of the top contenders in Australia. The prize money for the Futurity Stakes race is $702,000 AUD.

The previous horses to win the race over the last decade include;

2013 - All Too Hard

2012 - King Mufhasa

2011 - More Joyous

2010 - Typhoon Tracy

2009 - Niconero

2008 - Niconero

2007 - Aqua Damore

2006 - Fields Of Omagh

2005 - Regal Roller

2004 - Reset

2003 - Yell

But what sets the thoroughbred breed apart from the other horses? Thoroughbreds are considered "hot-blooded" horses and are well-known throughout the world for their undeniable and innate speed, agility, athleticism, and high-spiritedness. Thoroughbred horses can reach speeds up to 40 miles per hour when they run or race. And as such, they are indeed the perfect breed for horse racing and other equine sports or events.

Choosing a thoroughbred to bet on can become quite difficult at times since they all basically and naturally look so majestic, strong, fast and very competitive. But there are some simple and basic tips that can help bettors put their stakes on favourable thoroughbreds in a horse racing event, such as the Futurity Stakes race. The first simple tip is to look up or read the previous standings or rankings of the thoroughbred horses in their previous races. Of course, a horse that has won before can be a good bet as compared to ones that have no records of any win yet.

When choosing a horse to bet on, be inclined to pick one that ran recently. This is because a horse that has not raced for several weeks may have suffered from some detrimental setbacks like an injury or an illness.

Fast starting horses are generally preferred when they will be racing in a track that is slow or heavy. In slow, muddy and heavy track conditions, horses that take an early lead are usually favoured to win.

The last simple tip is to be on the lookout for jockeys or trainers who are doing particularly well. This is because the "hot" jockey sometimes will get the choice of top thoroughbred and, of course, he will usually pair up with the horse most likely to win. Again, you can do this by reading the latest news or articles about the particular horse racing event you are interested to place a bet on.

Once you have done your research, you can now place your bet at an accredited and legal online off-track betting site or website or at the racing track itself. Don’t forget for the best fixed odds and market odds betting on the Futurity Stakes check out Betfair. Australians only betting exchange, offering better odds, greater choice and more control over your betting experience.