Easter Cup Betting Odds

The Easter cup is a Group 3 Thoroughbred Australian horse racing which is held in the month of March. This is held in Caulfield Race course in the city of Melbourne. The race is set for the distance of 2000 meters and it is open to Handicap. This horse race is held in the month of April. The 2009 race was won by Miss Maren which is four year old, the jockey is G Boss and the Trainer is M G Price. The Prize money awarded was AUD$125,750. In the year 2008 it was won by Maldivian.

Caulfield race track, which is the origin of the Caulfield Cup, is functioned by the Victorian Amateur Turf Club in Melbourne Victoria. The race track has a perimeter of 2,080 metres and the home direct is 367 meters length. The race course has sweeping long niches and there is an increase on the back of the race course taking to the 1,400m beginning. The sharp niches and short direct make it hard for horses to come from the back side and win.

Situated in a small slide off, the course is suitable on the side of the race track. With this beginning field, sizes are normally restricted and inside barriers have a benefit.

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