Champagne Stakes Betting Odds

The Champagne Stakes happen every year in Australia. It is a Group 1 Horse race. This year the race will take place on 26th April, 2014, at the Randwick Racecourse. It is timed to occur during the Sydney Autumn Carnival. The racecourse is located in the Eastern Suburbs in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The racecourse is located six miles from the Sydney Central Business District in the suburb of Randwick. The race is for 2 yr old thoroughbreds to compete in. The track is about one mile (1,600 meters) long. There are also races for different weight classes as well. There up to four different weight classes those racers can attend. Betting on these races generally begins about two days before the race actually starts. With most bets starting at around one hundred to two hundred dollars a horse.

The race is a favorite with many horse fans and betters due to the fact that it is a chance to see new talent and to increase the stakes upon which to place a bet due to the fact that no one can be quite sure who will win each year. The prize money for 2013 Champagne Stakes was AUD$400,000, which was won by Guelph from Fuerza with Equator third.

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