Auraria Stakes Betting Odds

One of the most exciting horse races held in Australia is the Auraria Stakes. It is named in honor of the horse 'Auraria'. This horse was the winner of the Melbourne Cup in 1895 and it was indeed a magnificent and powerful horse. This name came into effect from 2006, prior to which this race was called the Lakewood Stud Stakes. It is a Group 3 horsing event.

The Auraria Stakes is a thoroughbred horse racing event that is held every year in Cheltenham Park, Adelaide. Horses entering this event must be fillies that are three years old and this is the main criteria required to take part in this event. The race course covers 1800 meters and competing horses have to race over this distance for the final win. The winner of the 2008 Auraria Stakes races is 'Moment in Time'.

This is a highly popular race and once that is visited and watched by a lot of Australians. It's also a race where a huge amount of betting takes place every year. A lot of money goes into placing bets in this event and successful betters earn considerable profits as the kind of horses that come here to compete are the best and the most well-trained and powerful ones.

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