Angus Armanasco Betting Odds

The Angus Armanasco Stakes happens every year at the Caulfield Racecourse in Melbourne, Australia. This is a popular thoroughbred race and one that is awaited by thoroughbred racing fans from all over Australia. The name Angus Armanasco came into effect for this horse racing event from the year 1996. Prior to this the race was called the 'The Jewel Stakes'.

This race is named after Angus Armanasco, who is a famous Australian Horse Trainer. He began his career as a jockey in Perth and in course of time he earned fame as an excellent horse trainer. His most famous successes in horse racing were with the Star Kingdom line. He is also seven time winner of the Victorian Trainer Premiership. It is in honor of his vast achievements that this Group 2Australian thoroughbred horse race is named after him.

Horses entering the Angus Armanasco Stakes have to race over a distance of 1600 meters and they have to be 3 years old to qualify for entry into this race. This race sees a considerable amount of betting because of the huge prize money offered to the winner. In fact, betting money in this event is quite high and lots of betters make considerable profits out of it. In 2008, the prize money won by the winner was AUD$176,000. The 2009 winning horse is Gold Water.

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