Ajax Stakes Betting Odds

Ajax stakes is a group 2 Australian Thoroughbred horse race. This is held in Rosehill racecourse which is located in Sydney. The distance is set about for 1500 metres. The prize money awarded is approximately AUD$151,150. This race is for three year old fillies. It is held in the month of March. In the year 2009, Solo Flyer was the winner.

Thoroughbred horse racing is the third most accompanied entertaining sport in Australia, behind Australian Rules football and rugby league, with just about 2 million admittances to the 379 racecourses all through Australia. The horse racing in the Australian continent is regularized by the Australian Racing Board. This consistency replaces the force of the chief clubs, which were once the autonomous body of horse racing in each state till governance reclaims brought in individual regularizing bodies for the industry.

The board is comprised of the several chief racing bodies in every state. The board is immediately creditworthy for constituting the rules of racing, the administration and upkeep of the pattern racing committees, creditworthy for grading races and apportioning black type condition, as well as constituting a number of consultative groups to effort to keep uniformness in process among states and build an admitted national racing calendar.

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